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  1. Seventiesman

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    May 20, 2007
    I enjoy today's rigs and rigs of the 1970's. They both look amazing even though there are more new rigs than 70's rigs and they have more comfort,power,and efficient. I enjoy the way the rigs of the 70's worked back in their time. They ran through the 80's also and stopped around the 90's somehow. I enjoyed reading about the rigs back then also including looking through Hank's Truck Pictures and seeing the life of them. Here's my list of favorites from the 70's and Now:
    Peterbilt 389
    Peterbilt 388
    Peterbilt 379
    Kenworth T660
    Kenworth W900L
    Kenworth T600
    Kenworth T800
    Freightliner Casadia
    Freightliner Coronado
    International Prostar
    International 9200
    International 9400
    Western Star 4900 EX
    Western Star 4900 SA
    Western Star 6900 XD
    Mack CH
    Mack Rawhide
    Mack Vision
    Peterbilt 352H
    Peterbilt 352
    Peterbilt 352-110
    Peterbilt 359
    Peterbilt 289
    Kenworth K100 Aerodyne
    Kenworth K100
    Kenworth K100 VIT
    Kenworth W900A
    Kenworth C500
    Freightliner Powerliner
    Freightliner FLC Conventional
    International Transtar
    International Transtar II
    International Transtar 4300
    International Fleetstar
    Western Star COE
    Mack F700
    Mack FS700L
    Mack RS700L
    Mack R600
    Mack Cruiseliner
    Mack MR
    White-Freightliner COE
    White-Freightliner Conventional
    White-Western Star Conventional
    GMC Astro
    GMC General
    GMC Snub Nose
    Chevrolet Titan
    Chevrolet Bison
    Chevrolet Conventional
    Marmon COE
    Marmon Conventional
    Brockway COE
    Brockway Conventional
    Dodge L1000
    Dodge CNT800
    Dodge Bighorn
    FWD Conventional
    White Road Commander
    White Road Commander II
    White Road Boss
    Hayes Clipper COE
    Hayes Clipper Conventional
    Diamond Reo Royale
    Diamond Reo Raider
    Diamond Reo Conventional
    Ford WT9000
    Ford W9000
    Ford Louisville
    Ford LTL9000
    Basically that's my list. Hopefully I will someday make a couple companies of these.
  2. broncrider

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    is a 96 considered old? if so it's #1
    i like the 70's w900a...driven a few of em
    even the 80's version of the w9 isnt bad....just ask brickman...he gets to drive one every now an then
    as far as the cabovers.....you can keep em....ive driven 1 or two when i was wrenchin (road test) and hated every bone jarring minute of it
    my all time favorite was driving a 1963 KW W900....first year of the tilt hood...had a bc3 cummins, 5+4 trans, aluninum frame and huge stacks...you could, no kidding, black out a road if you skipped too many gears...the only down side was it had an ancient holmes wrecker body on it, but man would it winch the guts out (we broke the frame twice while winching)
  3. Passin Thru

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    Mar 8, 2007
    Anyone have a pic of a RS 700 L Or RL 700 S Mack. It was an R model w/chrome buds and big bumper, long hood and chrome stacks. Pretty awesome Mack.
  4. RickG

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    Jul 22, 2008
    Owensboro , KY
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    Nov 7, 2008
  6. Joetro

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Post Falls, ID
    I really miss the '79 W900A I used to drive. Notsomuch the Transtar II, though. Hated that thing. Was always waiting for that 430 Jimmy to 'splode through the doghouse. Froze my legs off in the winter, too.
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