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    Feb 20, 2012
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    I've been hauling cars for a long time and I've been a commercial driver since 1980 but I have never owned my own truck. I'm pretty sure a truck and 10 car Stinger package will run $300,000 and require 10% down. I talked to two different drivers and they both claim that they are averaging about $140,000 a year after all expenses. They both work for two different companies that are known names in the profession; Continental & Quality.

    Any experienced car hauler O/O's out there that can tell me whether this is a good or a bad idea?
    I would never buy used. To me there is too much risk not knowing the true history of the equipment.

    I'm just not sure. Im 59 in good health but this is a big decision. I also can't afford to retire anytime soon. Too many young man mistakes.
    Oh and where would I start to buy a truck like this?

    Thanks drivers.
  2. Bigrayon

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    Aug 16, 2015
    If I was you at your age I would buy a 5 car carrier from Kaufman and get a nice single axle with a sleeper and hit the road, it would cost you a lot less and make almost the same, don't forget one thing, you will be viewed as a new company, and your insurance would kill you, know with time you will make a name for your self, but with that trialer you can pull inap and make your name that way, remember most guys don't want to deal with cars that will not run so as one of the richest man in America said, if you do a job that no one wants and do it good you will be rewarded for it , good luck driver
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    New Pete 10 cars can be had for 270ish all the way up as high as your imagination with all the bells and whistles. Chop the roof about 8 to 9 grand,led load lights a couple grand, add a 5/500 warranty $9500.
    New is the only way to go unless you get a super low mileage truck with a verified story about why it's for sale. For example in 2014 I bought a brand new stinger. After breaking a leg, I sold it at a sizeable loss with just over 100k miles. Probably got a hundred phone calls asking why I was selling, only one person made the effort to come check it out and he bought it immediately.
    I just bought a new one in August from Mike Crouse at the Pete Store in South Carolina. Great guy, I plan to buy my next one from him. Straight shooter. The down payments are flexible and depend on your credit and probably whether you have truck ownership experience. No money down is possible if your liquid assets are sizeable. Good luck .
    Also I'd say the 140k is very doable. That probably depends on the company you work for and your drive.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    A co worker of mine is getting ready to buy a Daycab Freightliner glider from Clarke diesel and have Cottrell put a 3.5 car headrack and quick loader on it. The tractor is already built with roof chop and with a few upgrades he will be roughly $250,000. Fontaine truck mods did my Pete roof chop for $5,000 two years ago. If I were building another rig I would go this route as the Freightliner is light with a low roof height. He currently grosses $6,000-$8,000 a week running 2-3 a day home every night. Worst case average week for him would net $4,500 before truck payment and maintenance set back, his $8,000 weeks should net close to $6,000. What you gross and net would be dependant on many factors that I can't predict.
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    Dec 1, 2009
    Bad part with the freight shakers is room between head and roof.
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    Aug 19, 2012
    My hair touched the ceiling in my old Volvo and I would have leased one of those on to H&A and gladly kept my cash if they didn't have an age restriction. I run my seat on the floor now to have better visibility. I probably have 5-6 inches of space and it is wasted space in my opinion. I still get a pickup down so it really doesn't matter.
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