A misconception I had regarding "Seeing the Country"

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  1. stlvance

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    Dec 20, 2011
    st louis MO
    Uss lexington,uss midway,uss texas,uss alabama,af museum at wright patt,Boeing museum in seattle,meteor crater,fire and ice,all of the parts of rt66 that are still drivable, most of the casinos, mt rushmore, corn palace,wall drug,missile silo tours,Patton tank museum,March afb museum,uss iowa,sturgis,and lots of other stuff. If it has a loading dock or bus parking it's doable as far as I'm concerned I've had to unhook the trailer for some of them but not many. I call ahead and ask first. A lot of these happened while doing 34 resets I've also found Uber and lyft to be great ways to get around rather then car rentals
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