Advice for boyfriend/girlfriend team and CDL schools?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by elahnarose, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. elahnarose

    elahnarose Bobtail Member

    Jan 19, 2014
    Hi everyone! I've been doing research for a good way to start trucking with my boyfriend. We are very excited and serious about this new career and can move in two months to do our schooling. We would prefer to move to Texas but are open to anywhere, especially for school. We can't afford to pay for our CDL school training out of pocket. I have a few questions and any help will be much appreciated! It's all pretty confusing.

    1. What are the best schools/companies who offer no upfront costs for licensing? We don't mind a one year contract or paying tuition costs back if it's worth it.
    -What about PAM Transport or Roadmaster or Stevens Transport? I know to stay away from C.R. England. I've read that Prime and CRST are bad also.

    2. I've read that I can request a female trainer. Will I have to wait a long time to get one?

    3. While at school, can we room together?

    4. Will we be apart for a month or so for company training, because company training is one on one? Is there any way to be together?

    5. How long will it probably take until we can start driving together?

    6. What is an acceptable cent per mile rate for a team? Acceptable weekly mileage?

    7. Do you have to have held a regular driver's license for the past 8-12 months (Drivers Solutions (PAM) and Prime mentioned it)? My boyfriend's license expired last year and he didn't get it renewed until last month since he does not commute for work (we live on a farm). (We've both driven for 10+ years with nothing bad on our records).

    8. Do you have to live where a trucking company is located? For instance, we would like to live in Austin, could we work for a company in San Antonio?

    9. Do you have to go to school and be licensed in the state where you live?

    10. Is there a way to sight see at all while on the road or take a few hours off to go to the gym or something? Or do teams have to drive non-stop until their one day off?

    11. Is it required to be married to get put together as a team or have good pay? I've heard that some companies ask for a marriage license.

    Thank you so much for any advice you can give me!
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  3. BuckeyeCowboy63

    BuckeyeCowboy63 Medium Load Member

    May 28, 2013
    Cincinnati, OH
    First of all dont do the company sponsored ohio there was something called the wia program that gave me a grant to go to private was through my workforce office...each state has a similar program i qualified because i was low income under 32k...didnt have to pay back a penny most private schools will help u with this program

    2) yes varies by company.

    3) again each company and school is different some may let u some may require u to be married.

    4) Highly unlikely you can go together.

    5) probably right after training, again each company is different

    6) Dont team and really dont know so ill defer to others on this.

    7) did he drive on the farm while working. Most companies require a liscence for various lengths of time.

    8) No. I live in Cincinnati and my company is headquartered in Nebraska but make sure terminal near by so u can park truck there and take ur personal vehicle home.

    9) No. Many schools will help u get a temp liscence for where school is located.

    10) Sometimes but not really remember ur vehicle is 70 feet long cant just park it anywhere but if ur near a company terminal u can park truck there and theyll let u use company car for something like that or taxi or can drop trailer and bo tail over.

    11) Each company is different.

    A bit of advice stay away from Drivers Solutions expected to get liscence in 3 weeks and if u dont will be thrown out of school and u will owe them money. Only go there if only option. Also stay away from CRST...they do not treat drivers well from what my trainer who drove there told me. One last thing this is the hardest thing you all will go thru. There are no breaks feom each other. If u all get mad cant leave to another room. It is highly stressful. My wife rides with me and we had a great marriage going in and still do but even we have had strains on our marriage at times and we are going on 5 years. Makesl sure u can spend every waking moment with each other. At times only way we have made it is because our relationship is grounded in Christ so make sure that you all can handle this. Not trying to talk you out of it just wanted to give you some expectations.
  4. dirtyjerz

    dirtyjerz glowing beard pouty kid

    Jun 7, 2011
    Playing in Traffic
    Let me help where i can.

    1. Most schools only teach you the basics, private or company.

    2. Yes you can request a female trainer. The wait might be a bit longer.

    3. I dont know

    4. Most otr training is 4-8 weeks. I did run into a covanent driver who was training a bf/gf team at the same time. However 3 people in a truck is probally a bit much.

    5. Depends on the company.

    6. I dont know.

    7. I dont know.

    8. Unless your a local driver, no. Teaming it wont be an issue.

    9. No. I went to school in De and live in Nj. You will test in the state where your liscense is issued.

    10. You will probally run hard. Sight see from the windshield. If you.have down time gyms and such rarely accomadate trucks.

    11. I dont know.

    Well thats the best i could do for you. I am not a trainer, the company i work for doesnt train and i work local (we have local, regional, road solos and teams). Im sure other will be able to fill in my blanks. Good luck.
  5. OzzyOKC

    OzzyOKC Light Load Member

    May 29, 2010
    Durant, OK
    some states are considered "closed" states, you have to be a resident for 30 days before attending trucking school there. Texas is one of those states.
  6. spyder7723

    spyder7723 Road Train Member

    Mar 31, 2013
    sarasota, fl
    I will say this, a truck cab is very very small. A lot of relationships have ended in them. You two really need to consider this.
  7. Chinatown

    Chinatown Road Train Member

    Aug 28, 2011
    Henderson, NV & Orient
    As BuckeyeCowboy posted, WIA might pay for your school.
    Check with FFE about their CDL school; it's Texas based.
    I understand Central Refrigerated and CRST train couples together, maybe verify that with some phone calls.
    Millis Transfer is excellent and their school is near Dallas/Ft. Worth. You need $500.00 each is all.
  8. Krashdragon

    Krashdragon Medium Load Member

    Apr 10, 2012
    Cleburne, Tx
    Also Swift school in Corsicana. Went for 2 weeks to learn backing and parking. I already have my cdl.
    The instructors there are pretty danged good.
    And very patient.
  9. rlbade

    rlbade Bobtail Member

    Jan 11, 2014
    of course, I have tons of advise. great idea by the way, a team is a good way to truck. here's the deal. yall can't get jobs until you have experience. insurance will not allow a company to hire w/o min 1-2 yrs experience. so, you have to work for one of the major trk co's for first year at least. they will train you. don't pay for training, you will have to go through trk co's training anyway. trk co training is 1-2 wk classroom w food and room provided then 1,2 or 3 mo on the road w/ driver trainer. you need this, don't hurry through. 1 mo on road training is not enough. you would have to be apart and you could choose trainer. best for both of you to go thru orientation and training at same time - for sure. after, you 2 could lease operate one trk. FOR 1-2 YEARS. then yall are ready to move to smaller trk co and owner operate in a better environment. big trk co must be discarded asap. its best if yall can buy a good used trk asap. $10 - 20 K and some intelligence will do for first trk. you cannot make money w/ co lease. actually owning the truck is the very most important thing. it is the first goal you must attain to finally stand up as a business. although location of trk co has little to do w/ anything, most co's want a location to give home time based on. actually, to go straight into trk co training - you may need comm cdl. cdl is simple, take the tests at dps dl office then schedule driving test. driving test is harder only because you need to practice at least 2-3 times. read handbook once and you're good to go. rlbade, will write more if asked
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