Age Discrimination Lawsuit

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    she would have to prove that claim.

    unless some rummy in the office actually said she is fired due to her age, she ain't got a walker to stand with.

    or a wheel chair with air in the tires.

    or a lifetime of Ben Gay

    or a life time of Poligrip

    or a lifetime Depends

    or a lifetime..............

    like anything else, mandatory retirement.

    i say start working at 12, retire at 18.
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    It’s to be determined. A few companies will pull stunts like this to look for an excuse to fire an older employee so they can hire someone else younger (I.e. cheaper). If there are any emails or letters pertaining to her(she was their most senior flight attendant out of Delta’s LA hub)that show malice towards her then Delta can find themselves in some serious trouble as it’s in violation of federal law.
    Age Discrimination | U.S. Department of Labor
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    It would not be the first. My fathers position was eliminated by the Gas Company because it was cheaper to hire two at half the cost of Pa's salary until they move on and are replaced.

    Because he did not work until 65 at that company and retired, his pension is even cheaper.

    We don't have pensions starting with my generation unless you are in with some very big time employment, some unions come to mind outside of the Military and Government.
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