Alternate use for Diesel 911 in a pinch

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  1. jammer910Z

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    May 28, 2015
    I left Moorcroft Wyo this morning after doing a standard midweek pretrip, nothing too in depth, but a good look.
    19° and clear.
    Everything was a go, so I rolled out of the lot and before I got to the on ramp I noticed that my brakes didn't feel very responsive.
    I eased down on the Johnny bar and got little response. I had already checked my drums and slacks so I knew I wasn't frozen up.. and obviously I was free wheeling.
    Stopped on the ramp to look more in depth and all was well.
    Gave them a couple hard pumps to adjust them to spec and they locked down.
    No moisture. Would not release for anything.
    After a few choice words and finally noticing that the brake lights were actually activated I figured out that it must be locked up internally.
    I'm caught with my pants down and don't have a bottle of HEET.

    But... I do have a bottle of Howes Diesel 911.
    Put about an ounce of it in the emergency line and pushed it through.

    We rollin.
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    Mar 5, 2016
    White County, Arkansas
    It's about -38 in central SD. Pull into this large truckstop see that I can swing this thing into a nice wide spot a mile here or there and not be near anyone. Joyful at the prospect of a good stiff quiet nap for once in the snow I swing around tightening the angle as I set the trailer up.

    SNAP. SNAP. Mr Buttons came out, air alarms went out and the whole show stopped. In the middle of everything.

    The stupid plastic airlines I had on tractor snapped in the cold. Right in the middle. Just like the Devil had reached up and snipped them.

    The radio lit up and started teasing me if I knew what those airlines were about. I growled yea, Now I gotta find a set. They laughed and told me not those plastic ones you wont. You need proper black rubber lines for this cold.

    And so it was. 3 am later that morning prior to sunrise I was 4 wheeling with a mechanic 10 miles to his shop so he can open a box with new airlines to 4 wheel back to the truckstop in the deep snow. That took a while. But he had em on and started airline school before morning while he worked.

    Appointment time in Boston Market was a problem after losing almost a day. But tossed the paper logs in the back and hoofed it until about chicago where more of the same storm snow and ice slowed me down. This time the Alternator burned up in Indiana. That was replaced in a hour.

    break break break break.

    Told boss to hold off the Yakima-Boston Market runs for a while this winter was too hard.
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    Jul 7, 2015
    The North
    Hopefully it doesn't react with the rubber seals in the trailer valves.
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  4. jammer910Z

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    May 28, 2015
    Yeah I thought of the repercussions. But, it's a de-icer.

    I used just a smidge and hopefully the air dryer will purge that bit out.
    Now I have to ponder why it happened to begin with.

    Perhaps the air dryer is not working properly.
    I'll dig.
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