Any good U.S phone carrier with good plan for Canadian trucker working in the U.S

Discussion in 'Canadian Truckers Forum' started by El_turco_12, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. El_turco_12

    El_turco_12 Bobtail Member

    Apr 8, 2021
    Hi, I will be crossing in the U.S for trucking and I need a good plan just for nationwide and not international. Canadian phone carrier are too expensive and i have a good carrier very affordable and not willing to give up, chatr will not work in the U.S. because signals is weak, my mother had metropcs before but lost her Sim card. Do I watch a lot of live TV on my tablet because without live TV, I will be bored and of course I wanna contact my family via whatsapp using my phone, So is a there a special plan for both phone and tablet with unlimited data or limited plan? maybe I might need international plan, not sure
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  3. tiddlytanker

    tiddlytanker Light Load Member

    May 4, 2017
    Minot, ND
    I use Visible. Its owned by Verizon so it has nationwide coverage (with some exceptions such as a large portion of rural Oklahoma since Verizon is contracted with a regional carrier that does not transfer to visible. I also lose service for 40 miles on I-29 in MO, but have never seen a difference in coverage vs verizon in any other states).

    Its $25 a month if you join a party (just google public ones) and has unlimited data and hotspot. This is the only plan that I know of that gives you unlimited hotspot and I use about 200gb a month myself on average. The catch is that it will be throttled under congestion. I very rarely get throttled to a point that I cant watch streaming video but some times you will have to turn it to lower resolution. After switching to a 5G phone I get throttled even less as there is less congestion on that band
  4. Garththomas

    Garththomas Light Load Member

    Feb 10, 2017
    I got a Verizon phone at a flying J that had a phone outlet there in Michigan near the Indiana border when I was heading to Chicago I can’t remember I haven’t been there in a while they had to make up an American address for me to get a plan but I got the phone and unlimited data and calling etc. in the states and I think it cost me around 100 bucks a month Canadian I ended up cancelling my local Canadian plan because I was spending most of my time in the US anyway however you don’t get unlimited data when you’re back in Canada or at least high speed data you get the trickle stuff that’s good for emails. No extra charges for being back in Canada either which was nice
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  5. epza

    epza Bobtail Member

    Oct 18, 2021
    Fonus the best for data 20 GB, plus slower after that .I'm Canadian Driver and Fonus cover all Canada and all US everything for 42 dollars only .
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