Anybody here in that Wyoming accident today?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by SteveScott, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Mar 5, 2016
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    What I dislike is the newer trucks getting stuck in 3 inches of snow. Come on now... We had some awesome old iron in our day. 2 feet barefoot provided she can get a grip somewhere or up to 3 powder. The problem with that is you get RPM bound in a very narrow range, 150 RPM too fast or slow you either stall or spin out at your sweet spot in whatever gear you are in. And ice just is ice, if you can walk on it generally the rig can too with a little dancing.
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    Jun 19, 2018
    Website says midnight tonight.

    The part where the pileup occurred will be open tomorrow afternoon. Or so they say...
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    Oct 4, 2019
    I went through i80 eastbound Sunday. Started in Utah and made it Laramie before I gave up for the day and shutdown. One of the most miserable driving days of my life.

    Constant ice accumulation on my windshield wipers. Had to pull over nearly every half hour to bang the ice off because I couldn’t see anymore.

    Made the mistake of pulling into the elk mountain rest area. I drove up that hill to find a Fed Ex truck got stuck in the entrance. Not being able to turn around I had to wait like 20 minutes before he unstuck himself.

    Since I had to stop on an incline, I found that I could not get enough traction to move forward into the rest area. I had to wait for the vehicles behind me to clear and then reverse down that hill and turn back onto i80 eastbound.
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    Apr 28, 2014
    In old days we didn't use supersingles and trailer tires on drives.
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    They are doing a rolling closure now. Everything eastbound east of Wamsutter is open, westbound east of the Wamsutter is closed. Westbound west of Wamsutter is open, eastbound west of Wamsutter is closed. Same goes for US 30. Looks like they are trying to give some relief to these smaller towns and are slowly opening it Westbound one town at a time from Utah and Eastbound one town at a time from Nebraska. They expected time to open keeps changing every few hours, goes down, then up, then down, then up
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    Nope, sometime Weds. now is the most recent update.
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    Mar 30, 2014
    I try to keep mine on most of the time. Stuck in traffic is when I hear these slack jaw yokels talking up a storm!
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    May 7, 2019
    I kind of miss the fun of blasting through Wyoming NE and Montana in the winter.
    Take it easy use the CB don’t be in a hurry, but don’t be a road hazard. Pay attention and handle your business and all is well.

    then the four wheeler cuts you off at 10mph.
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