Anybody used a "Steerite" covered hauler?

Discussion in 'Car Hauler and Auto Carrier Trucking Forum' started by Stillstandn, Aug 23, 2021.

  1. Stillstandn

    Stillstandn Bobtail Member

    Aug 23, 2021
    [I know this is a Class C forum, but I'm hoping somebody may know these 2-5/16" oddballs]

    I'm about to buy a used "Steerite" brand enclosed 28' racing-style car hauler. I'd greatly appreciate any information from anyone familiar with these odd trailers.

    It is a tri-axle trailer, but one axle is located at the front of the box and it STEERS!

    The other two axles are located spaced in a "normal" array and located towards the rear of the trailer. Both rear axles have elec brakes.

    All 3 axles are rated around 5k, with 225/75-15's.

    The company's promo material touts how the design removes virtually all weight on the tongue, making it a better choice for non-dually one-tons as well as 3/4 & 1/2s.
    It would also seem to reduce/eliminate the low-speed & tight-turning negative traits associated with a standard tri-axle, while still providing the add'l load rating, stability and security of a third axle & tires.

    I'm about to pull the trigger at $16k, which is a good $5k-plus more than a common enclosed tri-axle in the 20'-30' range.

    I really like this trailers dimensions and versatility, but I'd feel a LOT better hearing opinions from folks who KNOW them; how they handle loaded on the road in real-world conditions (wind, uneven/slippery surfaces, etc).

    Many Thanks!
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  3. Capacity

    Capacity Road Train Member

    Jul 28, 2019
    Neenah Wi
    Tri Axles can be a pita to keep tires on or axles aligned.
    We ALWAYS used Featherlite,
  4. LBZ

    LBZ Road Train Member

    Oct 22, 2008
    Road to Nowhere
    Is the mfg co still in business? The quick search that I found showed the company was founded in Fontana CA.
    The link to the site was no longer working. If they are out of business, am not thinking I would invest in one of their products.

    Traditional tri axles are rough on tires. The set up you are explaining would solve that somewhat, but no idea how or who would
    be able to align a system like that if it began chewing up tires under load.
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