Anyone heard of EXAM Transport ?

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    Jun 23, 2019
    anyone heard of an expediting company called EXAM transport? If so please share your experiences with them-good or bad. Searching for a reputable fleet owner for FedEx Custom Critical in the expediting industry. Also if you know of good fleet owners please share. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Jul 10, 2016
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    I have not personally heard of them, but a quick google search showed some good and bad (there always is).

    You might want to check with the guys at Expedited Trucking Owner Operator Careers and Truck Sales
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  3. well let's see I looked up exam out of Sanford Florida on Google to other little terminal in their expedited trucks.. red flag for me I had a feeling with a title like that it's a foreign-owned company.
    sure enough I look at all of the reviews glowing reviews by serbians because the names end with an ic... and there's an akl Aleksander now I've only been out here 30 years but I can pretty much see a little bit of inkling as to why the reviews are glowing and why I don't see any Americans reviewing it..
    but it's nothing new..
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