Anyone take a break from trucking?

Discussion in 'Experienced Truckers' Advice' started by Canadianhauler21, Jul 28, 2022.

  1. Pigdude

    Pigdude Bobtail Member

    Oct 8, 2021
    13 years. Worked as a communication/bio med engineer. Turns out I hate being indoors all the time. Been back since 2015 and never happier!
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  3. dunchues

    dunchues Medium Load Member

    Mar 23, 2012
    new brunswick
    Not felt a need to myself. If I didn't enjoy what I did I'd be gone and doing something else in a heartbeat, but apart from trivial annoyances I'm content otr.
  4. 48Packard

    48Packard Ol' Two-stop Shag!

    Apr 19, 2009
    Could be anywhere
    I left for three years following a divorce and subsequent health concerns (nothing major, just needed to do better). Got into management in a different biz completely.

    Quit after having to listen to yet another snot-nosed teen tell me they couldn’t come in “because I was out too late”.
    Been back since 2007. Be 62 in November, and I hope to be done by 65.

    Or sooner.
  5. reeferwrencher

    reeferwrencher Medium Load Member

    Aug 4, 2018
  6. tscottme

    tscottme Road Train Member

    Jul 25, 2008
    Nashville, TN
    I did OTR for a year, went back to airplanes for a year, went back to trucks for 2 years. Then took 6 months off. I worked nights for 18 years. Then did HazMat tanker. Then went out West for 14 months. I've been off since Oct 2021 trying to decide about retiring, home daily fuel delivery, get out of trucking.

    A good compromise is switching from different parts of trucking. Tanker and flatbed are good change of pace areas where it's not a 24/7 rat-race to drive more miles than every other human on the highway.
  7. homeskillet

    homeskillet Road Train Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    Dayton, OH
    I quit trucking in 2002, drove a transit bus for a year or so, did some other stuff, then went to mechanic school for 2 years and fixed transit buses for 8.5 years.

    I went back to meat cutting in a supermarket, then finally landed another trucking job. I spent a little over four years running food grade tanker, and I'm starting a new cryo gig Monday.

    Trucking is the job I love to hate, but I keep coming back to it.
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  8. buddyd157

    buddyd157 Road Train Member

    May 25, 2017
    under a shade tree
    yeah, it is a magnet of sorts.

    the only way to be rid of the magnetic field, is turn in the CDL for good.

    with all the BS in obtaining one now a days, it's a win-win to not want it back, and get magnetized ever again.
  9. Northern Nomad

    Northern Nomad Light Load Member

    Apr 1, 2020
    The frozen north
    When I got out of the Army, I ran hard for about 6 years, took 10 years off, went back in the Army, went to Iraq, and other places with the gooberment, lived in Alaska during that time, and have been back at it for almost 10. I might stay with it to retirement, I might quit tomorrow. I work for a good company now, but I’m the type that is always open to a new adventure. There will always be truck driving jobs, if you choose to take a break for a while. If you want to try something else, go for it. Life’s too short.
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  10. Lennythedriver

    Lennythedriver Road Train Member

    Feb 14, 2020
    I know lots of drivers that work varying rotating in and out of driving. Some guys will drive six months and take six months off some guys will drive a year and take a few months off. Or I should say quitting and then coming back. Companies nowadays will usually let you come back a few times. Especially if you’re upfront about it.

    just remember if the company has its way you will run until your hours run out, take a reset, run until your hours run out, take a reset until your old retired and dead. They will literally run you that way. It’s you, the driver and the person you are that has to decide what works for you. And sometimes you have to go in there and look him straight in the face and say “look I’ve been running hard I’m taking some extra days off, if you don’t like it replace me. Lol don’t let them run you to death or to burn out. They’ll be nowhere to be found if that happens
  11. Canadianhauler21

    Canadianhauler21 Heavy Load Member

    May 15, 2017
    Thanks for all your responses, drivers. I'm going to take a break for a few months and work on some other things. Whenever trucking calls me back I'll head back. It feels like I am just dragging my feet to get to work and do my deliveries. It just doesn't hit the same anymore.
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