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    Jan 30, 2011
    You must stay away fom this company ARL INC. in LAKELAND FLORIDA!!!! This guy Kevin who runs the place is all nice when you first start and then the #### starts coming!!! When you start he says that it is not forced dispatch and i you dont wanna work one day just give him a days notice no prob. Yea right my a/c went out one day in the summer so i finished the day out and told them at the end of the day that i need tomm. off to fix my a/c so he gets a attitude and says why do you need a/c for your driving around all day anyway!! i said are you kidding me we live in florida!! its 95 outside not including humidity!!

    So that is just one thing some others are like he will call you and say go pick up this empty and take it to the rail so i ask are you paying me he says no its just down the road. Also he has 2 of his own trucks that he gives ALL!!! the gravy work to! He also charges the owner ops for tire blow outs on those busted up rail trailers that have 4 diff. tires sizes and dry rotted recaps!! Which by the way he doesnt tell you that untill after you start! He will talk to you like your a piece of ##### and even hang up on your if you ask him why he is not paying you for something that you did.

    Then the first of the year come around and he tells myself and a couple other drivers its slow so no work this week. Meanwhile both of his trucks are running 3 or 4 loads a day. so then the second week of 2011 same thing he calls or text everyday saying its slow so no work! Well week 3 then week 4 go by no work and im at home one day and get a certified letter saying my lease has been terminated as of last week!! This guy doesnt even have the balls to call me and let me know anything just keeps saying yea next week looks better then nothing ,so he basically starved me out then fired me and another driver. I could go on forever about this guy!! but this is already to long.

    SO RECAP:::::: he is a liar!
    he wants you to pick up stuff for free
    his 2 trucks work always no matter what and get ALL the money loads
    If you dare refuse a load you will not work for atleast 2 days
    He talks to you like your scum
    Your check will always be short 2-5 loads and you will get it when he is ready to pay you
    No detention pay
    you pay for busted tires on trailers that are not his
    If you question him about anything he will hang up on you and you will not work for a couple days
    He will starve you for weeks then you will recieve a lease termination letter for NO REASON AT ALL!!
    if you tell them your out of hours for the day they think your lying you will be punished and not work tomm.
    All i got to say he nasty and a liar cheater stealer!! STAY AWAY!!
    and its not just me i have atleast 6-8 other drivers in the past year that had the same thing happen to them. Just wish i knew this before hand so now im jobless,broke,all my bills are behind and i have a family to provide for, while he is making a killing and screwing every owner op. he can!! AND IM SURE I LEFT SOME THINGS OUT TOO.
    Oh and fuel surcharge is 20% all the time never changes wether fuel is 1.00 or 10.00 gal.
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    Jan 30, 2011
    Also this company goes by the name Pyramid Logistics in Lakeland Fl. Just a FYI.
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    Jan 10, 2012
    Lakeland, FL
    I joined this site just because I had to reply to this blog...I worked for this company and Kevin in it's small dusty, stinky, clammy office for over a year, and most likely at the same time that you were screwed over. Most of what HIGHRISK is saying is sad but TRUE! This company in a whole is a very great company, the ACTUAL owner by the name of PHILL is awsome!! He put Kevin in charge of the Lakeland office and I worked beside him everyday. The company has it's own policies that Kevin cannot controll. As far as tires, caps, fuel, etc... He does talk to you like crap, and hangs up and gets an attitude with most drivers (except his) , the guy is so bi-polar it's scary. He would do anything in the world to help me out if I needed but he would flip out the next, the guy is oblivious to the fact that the two other men in the office have been secretly praying and sceaming to get rid of him, they kiss his ###...esp Kyle. But he has been caught embeziling from the company, the two other men ( who he thinks are his buddys) told the actual owner with PROFF!!! and all he got was a slap on the wrist!!! Seriously, the guy was STEALING!!! His ### wlda been in jail if it was my company...I couldnt beleive it!! He does NO WORK around there, all he does is plan his lonley trips and baseball games.... BORING!!!! He will run his trucks before any one else, Poor PHILL has NO idea what really goes on there in that office. He is a nasty, stinky, mean but nice, bi-polar, weird guy, and his little butt sucker buddy Kyle isn't much better, he makes sure that if they forgot to pay a driver for a load and the driver didnt notice, to apply all the earnings to HIS new truck. To top things off, the two other guys now have a truck of their own, so the 3 trucks they own will ALWAYS get the better runs and money. It's sad really because the true owner doesn't really know how bad he is getting screwed....I feel for him. He is a great guy, and is busy running to Boca Raton office. The only GOOD in that office is Gregg, although he is also two-sided, he is that ONLY one I ever seen that actually fights for the rights of the drivers, he tries to be as fair as possible but is easily manipulated by Kyle and Kevin. O how I wish Kevin knew they tried to get him FIRED!!! Not my place to open the can of worms, ultimatley that office will distruct itself, or Phill will lose so much $ he has to close it. As for Kevin...I never wish harm on anyone, but if he doesnt start taking care of himself he will die of a heart attack soon anyway, and Kyle is most likley waiting for that to happen, he want's him gone more than anyone, talks #### about him all the time, then turns around and sucks his ****. Sorry but i've had this on my chest for a LOOONNNGGG time, really hoping that the owners find this stream one day, because I know if this was MY company and MY name, I would definenlty want to know what was going on in MY office. Sad....and good luck to every driver reading this who has ever been screwed over by that office..i'm sorry to even say I was apart of that.
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    Wow! That place is definately going to destruct soon! But hey, you reap what you sow!
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    Feb 16, 2013
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    Have any of you guys work for the arl office in Boca raton?
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