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  1. Western flyer

    Western flyer Road Train Member

    Mar 13, 2014
    How dare you tell the truth.
    The biggest con in trucking, and I have no
    Sympathy every time someone complains about
    Not making enough money working this 34 hour
    Reset at home schedule that's paid by the mile.

    You can't get the long loads because they might
    Not be able to get you back home for the weekend
    Like they promised.
    So you can't get the miles or the money or the
    Quality time off that the OTR driver gets.

    You lose out on all three to sleep in your bed 1 full
    Night a week.
    Better off going out 2 weeks then taking 5 days off.
    At least you'll have time to actually do something
    When your home.

    I done them all.
    It's either OTR or local for me.
    If I have to bump docks everyday I'm getting paid
    By the hour.
    You don't get the money that a OTR driver does and you
    Don't get time off the local driver.
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  3. Western flyer

    Western flyer Road Train Member

    Mar 13, 2014
    You have to leave out on Sunday to make the Monday
    Morning delivery.
    You can't make enough money doing regional work
    By hopping in your truck Monday morning and coming
    Back in on Friday afternoon.

    Everything would have to go absolutely perfect and
    That's even If they have the right freight and customers
    In the right locations.
    One problem and it's a 4/5 dollar week.
  4. hawkjr

    hawkjr Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    Ahhh... I'll say this, I'm literally only here till I save up enough money to buy me another rig and I'm out..

    Yes I made 90K last year while being home just about every night except for being sent to hell (better know as Leesport) for a week but its just things here that boils your blood..

    1. Routing is usually relied on a computer that's dumber than a Buck in heat..

    2. Like other dude said this new requirement to get your safety bonus is absolutely nuts

    3. Promised to turn the trucks up with this stupid incentive plan that failed last time only to fail again after we fulfilled all the mpgs and over rpm goals from the summer and now its "well we're at 65 mph until further notice"

    4. Got a "Quailty Pay" bonus (basically profit sharing) that is now changed into some stupid "Idea" plan to save the company money.. If said idea works you get paid some type of bonus, rarely does any idea works to get you paid

    5. We Got a "Profit Sharing" check now which is 5% of our yearly income.. Sounds great right?? Well it goes into your 401K and you will not get it until your 6th year into the company.. If you leave before your sixth year you will only get 20% of the pay after taxes

    I mean does it beat working for Schneider, Swift and Werner?? Probably.. But you would think with their requirements you would get treated a little bit better than others.. I'm probably only here for another few months One way or another.. 90K is good but when you're worked like a dog and really don't have much time to spend it, it's pointless...
  5. Southern Trucker85

    Southern Trucker85 Light Load Member

    Apr 25, 2014
    This is a very good overview of everything happening here. At some point, your freedom has to be worth something. And when they start this whole fuel and routing assignment there’s no freedom here at all anymore. Paychecks are a matter of time. IMO, company will be sold within 1-3 more yrs...
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  6. Ashley__Driver

    Ashley__Driver Bobtail Member

    Feb 20, 2018
    haha right!? It was silly. They improved that as well. Switched to Intelliapp. 100x better!
  7. Over This

    Over This Bobtail Member

    Feb 27, 2018
    Speaks the Truth!
  8. nicknack

    nicknack Light Load Member

    Aug 3, 2013
    Definitely speaking the truth this company has changed within the last 6-12 months and it's not for the better IMO getting harder and harder to deal with some of the nonsense that's happening.
  9. Ashley_Driver

    Ashley_Driver Bobtail Member

    Jan 25, 2018
    The past couple of years of changes with money being taken away from the drivers.
  10. marlena

    marlena Bobtail Member

    Sep 4, 2017
    60% goes in your 401K the other 40% will be taxed and paid out on the 30th. Sounds terrible.

    Personally I like my 90K home every night on the weekends....ok I occasionally overnight on the road but so be it and intend on riding it out till it crashes...which it will because they really are tryinf their best to kill this thing...I mean how hard is it to load a #### truck in sequential order anyway?

    And personally I like the new safety incentive. Not at all hard to achieve and bests getting paid once a year which is what we get on the LTL side.

    As far as the PTP side...yeah well we are a furniture company I really wouldn't want to be OTR here.... it really shouldn't be a surprise when your biggest broker is CH Worthless that we have so many issues.
  11. hawkjr

    hawkjr Road Train Member

    Feb 28, 2010
    They changed the "profit sharing" deal after #### near everybody complained about it and they knew how much of a trash deal it was...

    Also are where you running out of?? How can I enjoy Being home every night when I'm usually leaving home at 7 am and not walking into the door until 8-9 or later?? Enough time for dinner and the triple S "****, shower and shave)

    The safety incentive is dope if I didn't have to watch videos on my off time for a couple of hours..I graduated high school 13 years ago
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