Avoid kllm at all cost! Students stay away! Here are some facts!

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    Jan 10, 2013
    Just know that when you drive for KLLM you are going to get screwed over 95 percent of the time. It is an accepted reality if you drive for them! KLLM pays 0.32 cents per mile with no raise again this year for company drivers. I have never met a KLLM lease driver who is happy with the KLLM lease program. Lease drivers pay all the truck expenses and KLLM keeps almost all the profit until he quits then another sucker takes over the truck for about a month. The lease program has ruined all the KLLM company driver trips. Lease drivers can turn down trips so KLLM company drivers get the trash can trips like short-hauls, mountain routes, snow routes, going to customers that are known for the longest wait times and no drop hooks. Company drivers are forced to do swaps with lease drivers near customer locations so company drivers do all the waiting and lease drivers keep moving and paying the truck expenses. KLLM has no safety bonus pay. No idle bonus pay. No APU's and no inverters allowed in company trucks. When I arrived at one of the company yards and asked the shop to repair my qualcomm during my time off they said I must drive the truck to a repair shop across town and begin my time off after I spend a few hours finishing the repair of their equipment. KLLM does not pay for actural miles driven. Only paid zip code to zip code mileage (household movers guide miles). KLLM company drivers are paid only $25 for some trips that are less than 100 miles and you still spend hours waiting at the KLLM customer. No detention pay if the KLLM driver arrives late to a customer even though not the driver's fault. KLLM does not pay mileage for driving the truck from your last customer to your time-off location. KLLM holiday bonus pay for staying on the road during the Xmas and New Year holiday is a joke. The holiday period paychecks are the same as all the paychecks during the year. More customers are closed and miles are less during the holiday period. The bonus just makes up the difference. It does not add money to a paycheck. The bonus just makes up for the loss of miles since it is slow. KLLM will take your new company truck away every 3 to 4 months and lease it to a lease driver. You will be awake all night during the process of moving your stuff from your truck to a storage locker and then at dawn starting your ride across the country to recover an abandoned truck that needs service or won't even start.
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    so, in other words, KLLM is really no different then the rest of the mega carriers. and the advice would really be.

    DON'T BECOME A TRUCKER. PERIOD. cuz isn't that where everyone gets there start??? generally.
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    You've been posting this info repeatedly since January. Are you still butthurt about it?
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    I thought I read the same post a few weeks ago and a few weeks before that.
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    Sometimes people take alot longer than others to VENT..:biggrin_2559:..I am still pissing up wind about that fat smelly bad breathe NY Cop that gave me a ticket because my mudflap was cut to high from the surface of the roadway..:biggrin_25526::biggrin_25516::biggrin_25516::biggrin_2559:...This was months ago..:biggrin_2559:
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    I feel sorry when I see post like this,if people did their proper research before signing on with these companies we wouldnt be hearing these stories! Kllm has had a bad rep for years ! Before working for a company talk to their drivers ,remember recruters lie! Ask first so you will not be sorry later!
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    That's what happens when you drive someone elses truck and make the payments for them also. Why would you do that? There are thousands of trucking companies that will hire you and won't ask you to make their truck payments for them.
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    Wait, you didn't dump your air suspension and have him check it again? :p
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    Well Unless of course you are choosing to drive for CRE :biggrin_25523:

    In that case you just assume everyone else is wrong lol
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    dump your suspension and receive an OOS violation for having an inoperable suspension and trailer too close to the tires.
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