AZSTAR Transportation at Bridegewater, NJ

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    Hey guys,

    My experience with AZSTAR was not very good. What happen was, I was told I will be out 5 days, home every weekend. Will earn $400 per trip up to 4 trips then will get paid by .34 cents miles (split). She assured me that I will be out for 5 days for $400. Turn out wasn't even that close. The driver I went with said usually over 8 days or more. I was out for 10 days and only get $400. I drove average 10 1/2 hours and 580 miles for 10 days. Never work so much for dirt pay. She actually smile and said that trucking. No.. It's not trucking. That thief.

    They don't even own a trucks. They rented it from Ryder. When we were in Denver, Colorado, we switch to another rental Ryder truck which was little annoying since we had to move our stuffs to other truck. That truck was filthy. Had to wipe everything with wipes. This company also runs team. No solo. Also they do slip seating.. Once you get back to the yard, we clear out the truck and the next team drivers will take over.

    I took few pictures especially the part when I was suppose to be home on weekend. I quit this job after this ##### lies about hometime and thinks $400 is fair pay for 10 days. I filed for Unemployment and had hearing with claim examiner. I provided with pictures. And of course when claim examiner interview this company. They denied saying that I'll be home weekends. They actually said I agreed going out 10 days for $400. When she asked them what about the documents that I provided. They couldn't answer that. I won the hearing and award with unemployment.

    If the company was honest about hometime, pay, and be less of scumbags, I would continue working for you. But since you treated me like garbage, I won't be working for you. If you apply for that job, be aware that you will be slip seating, earn $400 per trip up to 4 trips (you could be out 20 days and earn $400. Not a penny more), be in rental Ryder that may be filthy from previous drivers and teaming (no solo position). The only positive thing about the company is you'll be driving newer trucks, not old trucks and the trailers that the company contracted to are generally good condition.

    Merry Christmas truckers!
  2. bigirishwarrior14

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    Feb 5, 2007
    New Jersey
    Mmmmmm. Two new members with 1st post and few hours apart.

    Gonna take your word with grain of salt. How much they paid you to post that? LOL.

    Me lying? Right..... Ok..... Whatever you say... I have all the documents and it was good enough to proof. Yeah I'm lazy. I'm so lazy to work for $400 in 10 days. I love to work for $40 a day.. That a great job in the world!

    Lost a great opportunity? Oh please! I'm in process of getting another truck company and this time, I get paid by miles, not specific $ per trip. Will be paid every Friday plus incentives (pretty fair amount for rookie driver) and will be driving my own truck instead of slip seating. Geez I'm gonna miss AZSTAR so badly.. I wish I could work for them longer, I would love to work so much, be out much longer, for cool amount of $400!

    Have fun! I know I will.
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    Don't worry, the admins will check their IP's and other things but I'm sure it is the owners of the company you stated that are trying to cover their butts.
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    If they are owners of the company I wonder what country they are from .They kind of type in english I guess.
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    You are correct, SHC. Company shills posing as company drivers. Seems to be an epidemic lately. :biggrin_25526:

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    Sounds like a redo of AtoZ transportation from pennsauken NJ. They used to run out of my home Ryder shop. But I haven't seen them around for awhile.
  7. bigirishwarrior14

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    Feb 5, 2007
    New Jersey
    Yeah that something I noticed.

    Wouldn't be surprise. Guess they don't want scare off schmuck rookies like I was. I want save rookies headaches and aggravation.

    Thanks to Bullhaulerswife!
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    Jun 27, 2011

    they really are NOT a bad company i actually went on a local run with a buddy of mine last night who works for them out of nj tooka run from summerset to long island. they lease thier trucks from ryder which they do because they supply new trucks for the guys who run the cali trip so they have new trucks every year.
    they dont only run team they havce a midwest division too which your out 7-10 days. they also have solo local but you need to have 6 months under your belt with them to get on a local account or solo midwest. thier equpiment is good. they pay on time. my friend is very happy with the company he clears atleast $1000 a week after tax n hes on local solo accounts. almost all of it is drop n hook. they dont bust balls they are kinda laid back n there a good comapny. maybe jjust your experience was bad because you jumped into something you didnt know what your were getting into thats trucking thats how it goes sometimes. maybe cause your a newbie you dont know the ins n outs of trucking so before you go bashing a company know you #### because you can ask any azstar driver n they will tell you the same #### bro. no offence dont take this all the wrong way but it is what it is
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    Their is a reason they posted adds for drivers on craigslist every single day since they opened up over their. best part about their adds ( NEW TRUCKS) lol. i worked right down the road from them at GAF hauling shingles for 5 years. moved from theyre because they were messing with our hours. im now at cardinal logistics in bridgewater at the sts tire building by the baseball feild. i think they need a driver in our yard to run 4 local stops (north jersey) then run a shuttle to harrisburg its a 11-12 hour day but ur off weekends u get ur own truck and ull make around 1100-1300 a week let me know if ur still looking ill give u my name fill out an app. worst part bout job is trucks are 65mph. exept a few that slipped thru the system and do better. ull need at least 2yrs exp and a perfect driving record. their hiring process is pretty brutal.
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