Banned Drug List for cdl?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by truedetailer, Oct 19, 2010.

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    You got that right. It's so important to find a doctor that knows the FMCSA rules so he or she can give you the right meds. You can bet that any drug that has a warning for driving a civil lawyer is going to use that to place blame on you for any accident. You may not get a ticket but you may be tied up in civil court for along time and your driving career may come to an end.

    I would be up front with the doctor and the company and make sure they know exactly what you're taking. Some of these drivers think it's ok to take Lortab or any synthetic opiate just because they take it at night or when they turn in but they are asking for real trouble. There's many medications that I wouldn't touch if I was still driving and I sure would work with the doctor to find a substitute because I wouldn't want any liability put on me just because I took some unknowable persons word.
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    For what it's worth, I do have mild depression and was told to contact DOT to make sure my meds wouldn't be an issue. According to them the ONLY medication that will make them pull your CDL is if you take METHADONE. All others are up to the company and prescribing doctor/company doctor.

    The following was taken from the fmcsa website under the medical examiners form (

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    I think you missed the point...

    You do relize too, that not all doctors have the same opinion? My doctor could say NO this will not be an issue with your driving, But you're doctor could say YES it is an issue.

    I could go on but i think it's best not too... :biggrin_2556:

    Anyways thank you for all the discussion, although i was only looking for a yes there is or no there is not answer.
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    Yes but that is SORT of the point. You can shop doctors, people do it all the time, in fact those urgent care centers and those clinics near the truck stops that do dot health checks, will usually pass you everytime.

    Most docs will NOT however give you a pass on a narcotic, because if you get into an accident while on them, they can be sued just as quickly as you can if they signed off on it.
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    uh.. No that is not sort of the point at all. The point was i wanted a yes or no answer on if anyone knew of a list. You came in here with your ask your doctor if you can drive, now your onto urgent clinics and shopping doctors.

    I think you missed the point..... but thanks anyways.
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    The simple answer is yes there is a list, and it has 1 medication on the list, that being METHADONE.
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    I'm here to tell you that most (if not all) Dr.'s won't even give you the DOT physical to get your CDL permit if your taking any of the above mentioned. If ya already have the CDL and your taking these with a prescription, pray to God you don't have a preventable or get yanked in for a random, because absolutely no good will come out of that scenario either.:biggrin_25513:
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    The BEST person to be able to tell you if you can take "this or that drug" while operating heavy equipment which a CMV actually is or if you can "DRIVE' while taking this drug is the pharmacist! He will know more about any drug than the doctor! If there is a tag on the label that says "do not operate or drive" I'd do as the little label says and stay the heck away! If there is even a little doubt in your mind then go with that feeling! Ask that pharmacist and he can get in touch with your doctor and give him a list of drugs that you could take that might do the same thing as what was prescribed for you but not interfeer with your driving.

    As IROC put it there isn't much difference between a DWI or DUI! They both are career killers and will even effect the "F" part of the license in your pocket! It'll hurt bad enough to where you will not be able to drive a 35cc scooter! That's a bad hit!
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    Yes i seen that, that is the first post to actually help me with my QUESTION. I didn't ask for a discussion on the matter just a answer to my question.

    This is what i wanted to know, is there or is there not a list.. that was all. Didn't need to hear ask your doctor, ask this guy, well theres no difference in dwi or dui,well i think if the bottle says this..then,etc. I didn't ask for opinions people, if you did not know if there was a list than you have no reason to be posting.

    I wanted to see if anyone knew of a list and go from there cause like i said i take 2 meds, non narcotic,or controlled but used off label for certain reasons that will stay between me and my dr.

    Now that i know only 1 drug is on the list i will proceed to my next step. Thank you... Jeez
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    wasn't what i provided helpful to you....??
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