Beware Of Daily Express

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  1. DJDoug

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    Feb 4, 2009
    :biggrin_25513: Be very careul if you have any desire to work for Daily Express.
    I was a o/op with them for nearly 2 yrs. With promises of heavy haul freight,all i needed to do was put on a 4 axle tractor and all would be ok.
    Well,if Daily had told me how they really run the specialized div...I could have saved myself alot of money and time. Yes i pulled od freight,but never the muti/axle freight . only once did I pull a load with a stinger. They have equip. that is so old and barely legal, its scary. On one occassion I was told by a shipper that he will not in the future load any more freight on " Dailys junk" ( his words,not mine ) and that i had lucked out with a newer trailer and did get loaded. Perhaps they will buy newer equip in the future,hope so. Specialized gives all the best loads to their veteran drivers and terminals have their favorites,make no mistake about it.If u own a 4 axle,in my opinion Daily is the last place you should consider. I pulled everything they had for me and averaged 110000 128000 gross weight. For 09 my average pay was 1.52 per mile...and i ran with little time home. Heard they were an outstanding place to work at one time,,but that sure has changed. All of the above my personel opinion, and 1st hand experience. Good luck
  2. blade

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    Jan 30, 2009
    Some where, Mo
    Anyone with recent daily experiences
  3. Frank Speak

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    May 3, 2016
    Yes, they still suck. You can believe me!
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