Bill's Truck Stop - Linwood, NC

Discussion in 'Truck Stops' started by Jorihe84, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. Chili_Biscuit

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    Jan 31, 2015
    I agree, Big Joe. Just goes to show how much the industry has changed. Alot of these younger drivers just have no clue. IMO, "Bill's" is one of the last vestiges of trucker Americana. Should be a historic landmark for truckers. Rookies should read Jane Stearns book "Trucker: Portrait of the Last American Cowboy" for an idea about the history of the industry in which they work. That way, they wouldn't sound so ignorant when they criticize a place that possesses more trucking history than they can imagine....smh. Sad....Now overrun by huge corporations, driver points, and loyalty cards....
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  2. d281833

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    May 15, 2012
    Hmmm, how do we know it's venison? Still don't know what's up in them rooms with the deadbolts.... LOL
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  3. EZ Money

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    Years ago there was a cat house next door.....maybe the reason for the locked doors??
    There used to be 3 of them within 10 minutes of the truck stop on 29.

    The place still looks run down but the food is still good!
    There was another place at Peeler road just south of there.It closed and is now a Loves...

    Then you had Donny's at the 90 exit in SC....Great food for a little hole in the wall.
    He died a year or so back and they closed! Some of the best grub in that area....all you could eat,real home cooked food!
  4. RunFlat

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    Jul 14, 2012
    I go by Bills every day, never stop tho, I heard stories so I jusr avoided the place. But I did stop to have a tire fixed on my trailer and every one that worked there was super nice, couldn't thank me enough for the business. I was pleased.
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  5. 1catfish

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    Jul 18, 2010
    i've always liked bill's truck stop, good food and friendly people. i 'll take the old over new any day. i miss the old truck stop's, the big orange ball 76's and a few other's. but you can't go back.(sigh)
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  6. PackRatTDI

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    Jul 15, 2006
    El Chuco, Tejas
    Those hole in the wall places are the same the world over. Especially if you see a lot of trucks stopped there.

    One one of my trips to Mexico with my dad, we were traveling with a friend from Gomez Palacio, DGO to Durango, DGO. It's a 2.5 hr drive now with the completed turnpike but back them it was a 3 hour trip with half of that on the old 2 lane road. Our friend knew where all the good eats were located. We stopped at a run down looking roadhouse next to a PEMEX fuel stop. The parking area was full of trucks.

    Inside the seating area were a long table with benches on each side. It was run by an old man, his wife and three daughters. The lunch special was all you could eat pork chops and steaks, freshly made tortillas and salsa. The meat was freshly butchered that morning.

    Sat down among the truckers and ate our fill.

    Cooked to perfection. I think it was only like $5 a person or something like that.
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