Bipartisan Truck Speed Limiter Bill Introduced In House

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by Eddiec, Jun 7, 2021.

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    Jul 11, 2021
    Truck tires are only rated for 75 mph. There's literally no reason for any truck driver to be going 76+ mph or more. I don't care if the speed limit is 80 or 85 or 90 mph.

    I'm fine with trucks being governed at 75, but 65 is ridiculous and asinine. Steve Williams also needs to do some basic math on Speed multiplied by weight. If you decrease the speed and increase the weight, the lbs per sq inch of force exerted on a stopped object still remains similar or increases, so slowing trucks down to 65 mph will NOT reduce the severity of these accidents.

    an 80,000 lb tractor trailer and cargo traveling 65 mph is still going to do CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE.

    Too Fast for Your Tires?

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