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    Small fleet, the owner is always on the yard, is friendly, very approachable and accommodating. The tractors aren't new but they are well maintained which is what counts. Maintenence issues are promptly dealt with so no equipment issues. Would you rather have a 10 year old well maintained tractor or a 2 year old tractor that the company doesn't care about? I'll take the former but that's me. Pay starts at .45 CPM and goes up from there depending on experience. I got hired on at .50 CPM. Most job offers I've received are offering a lot less. The trucks aren't governed so if you come here watch your speed and don't get tickets. My dispatcher makes sure to get me all the miles I want and I have my next load before I leave the receivers dock. Someone did another thread on here saying that they weren't given a fuel card and never got paid. That hasn't been my experience. I had my fuel card before I left the yard on my first load and my paycheck hits my account every Friday morning well before I wake up. No issues with payroll at all. Unfortunately that other thread pops up on page 1 of Google search results when looking up this company. Hopefully me sharing my experience gets a different view out there and better helps drivers with their decision when seeking a company to drive for. They do seem to be flexible. If you want to stay out, run hard and make money the dispatchers will make that happen. If you are concerned about hometime they will make sure you get home when you need to. Very accommodating to what the driver wants to do. I don't recall ever having a company go to this degree to keep me happy and keep me around. I am a current driver at Black Ridge. This was written without their knowledge and I've received no compensation for writing this.
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