Block WA DC & other tree hugging cities

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    I'm not a trucker but I 100% support truckers and I feel a small part of their (your) pain because I drive a diesel light truck.

    I would love to see truckers blockade or stop delivering goods to Washington DC and other large cities that support radical environmental policies thar are effecting all of us. Other cities like Portland OR, Seattle WA, San Francisco. But I think at minimum, send a message to WA DC by not sending them anything (as in any shipments). Politicians making policies that effect the common hard working man have no idea what it is like to fill a tank. Drill Here Drill Now or you get nothing!!! I totally support a truckers strike and would be willing to be very inconvenienced by it. I'll ride my horse.

    Please truckers, come together and send a loud message for all of us hard working americans. It is for you, me and future generations. There was a time when americans were willing to fight for what is right. Please stand up and fight for this!
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