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Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by Mrs. Bowmare, May 8, 2008.

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    Well, everyone seems to enjoy and appreciate Daytona45's post about life on the road. I hope it does not hurt his feelings to walk in his footsteps...

    Bowmare was off to C-1 school in north Little Rock on Sunday (May 08). We sent him by bus because we only have one car. He had to be at the school to check in by 2-5pm on Sunday. So, I carried him to the Birmingham Greyhound station at MIDNIGHT. He was suppose to depart at 1:25. I don't know exactly when he finally left but it was after 2pm. He had to switch buses in Memphis TN. They over-booked the bus, so they made him wait for the next one. His original arrival time was 10:15am. He stepped off the bus in Little Rock a little after 1pm. Very tired!

    First day, since I am not Bowmare I will give the best details I have, was a mess!! He was up at 4:30 for a quick jog and a 1/3 cup of coffee (you are suppose to fast before your DOT physical). Bowmare has sleep apnea. He had a sleep test done the week before he left. None of the paperwork for the test had made it to the school or the drivers solution rep. I made calls half the day trying to get his information faxed. (my advise.... if you have medical records - get a copy and take them with you!! Save your wife a lot of headaches:biggrin_25521:) DOT physicals started around 6am, by a female. Bowmare was mad :biggrin_255:... he did not even get a complement or a dinner date. lol. (His words, not mine:biggrin_25526:) Anyway, 3pm and no sleep report... 4pm.. I did not get another call so I guess he has it. During the day they took 8 test, each 200 questions long. Any questions he missed was homework. He had to write the question out and give the proper answer. It was due Tuesday morning at 6am. Oh, did I mention the plumbing yet.... yeah, it backed up into the school. So all the students were bused to a 1/2 star motel. Sweet dreams...

    Day two... 4:30am... no food, no coffee - run down motel. A driver instructor comes by the hotel and notices Bowmare and another guy waiting outside, so he gives them a lift to the school. The other students are going to be picked up by a bus around 5:45am. The bus NEVER showed. The class instructor is furious. When the students finally arrive (I have not idea how they got there) the instructor was HOT. He maked them take 15 test, each 200 question.. no lunch break! Bowmare finally got to eat at 7pm. Bowmare sounds like he had been to army bootcamp for a full week instead of just two days at CDL school. Oh, sorry I am back tracking... at 9am Bowmare calls me to get the fax number for the sleep center - the DOT has an Arkansas state form the doctor has to fill out! And of course the doctor is not in on Tuesdays.

    Day three... I did not hear from Bowmare until 7pm. A new man was on the other end of the cell phone. He was HAPPY!! The testing is over & he has ACED the schools driving test. They have approved him to take the state CDL permit test. I guess the 23 test (4,600 questions) has done him well. :biggrin_25514:
    Congratulations dear, I am so proud!:yes2557:

    I will try to keep up the post, if anyone is interested. See you on the road :)
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