Boyd bros, hair follicle test?

Discussion in 'Boyd' started by Boolow, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Forget it.

    Hair can retain drugs you took almost a year.

    You need to stop the drugs, CUT OUT the people from your life who do drugs. Supply you with drugs, those so called friends or buddies who keep you in a fostered environment in which you do drugs, remove any one who does drugs elsewhere from your life. Absolutely clean and replace everything in your home that can contain and hold residue from smoking pot etc.

    You need a medical detox possibly. It will cost you a couple thousand up front and then additional billing each day and night as you go. I just finished a week in the hospital with a private bed and a team of doctors, nurses and cna's LPN and so on. They pulled an awful lot of blood out of me and ran a few other tests as they did battle to defend my body from collapsing due to extreme blood pressure and defend my mind against the dependancy and it's mindless unwelcome cries for more medicine. That took 5 days, the first week of September.

    Tonight is my 50th day and final day without medicines. I have some on-board tonight for the first time in 50 days and 40 from the medical detox. I will be seeing my doctor that prescribes these medicines to determine where we go from here under a new management contract for my health issues, example osteo arthritis, which is system wide from the wear and tear of trucking. I am pernamently medical disability with a body that is essentially 90 plus years old however the organs, blood and so on are running pretty much the best of health I have ever been in all my mid 50's years

    I have been a warrior in pain managed ment for about 15 years in total so far and counting. I have been off the road since 2001, and 2009 for good. It might take a certain amount of repairs medically when they become possible to improve my quality of life. Let's hypothetically say that the repairs and replacements were done system wide and I am lawful with DOT medical exam, vision, hearing etc. (I am deaf) I will still have to wait one year minimum before attempting any kind of testing.

    Drugs I use will be out of my system in 30 hours via urine. The blood will hold it up to around 24 hours at most. The hair will contain that information up until roughly 9 minutes from the last dose taken. Even if you went NYAH and shaved your head, they will pick a short hair from more sensitive places. POINK! Ow.

    There are increasingly KEWL tests coming designed to detect drugs right then and there in front of the police officer on the side of the highway, on the property of a scale house or some other situation.

    For me this has been a very long road. These last three months were he most difficult.
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    Many here on their high horse, yet the OP's original question remains unanswered.

    I am 100% drug free, but I am also of the belief that what one does in their own spare time is their business. It is NOT your business.
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    Who's horse got high? I thought the OP was high.
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    And I'll TELL you why this "anti-drug" propaganda BS is BS...

    Close to 20 years ago, I was running highway into the US, and as such had to be included in the random testing pool.

    So, I'm home for a long weekend, and went to a party. Needless to say, after getting fairly drunk, I smoked a joint that was passed around. I rarely, if ever, smoke dope. I did on that occasion.

    After returning from the next run, I sure enough was called to fill up the cup.

    A few days later, I am in Southern California, and I get "the call." Where are you? In So-Cal! Well, that's not what we want to hear, but finish up your loads, and get back to home terminal.

    I get back home, and am parked until I speak to a "drug counselor" concerning my "drug problem." I had to pay for this.

    Even the counselor thought this was all BS, and I was cleared to drive again on the spot.

    So yes... Spare me the anti-drug BS. 20 years of hauling around various freight, with no at fault accidents whatsoever, and I'm hassled because I toked up ONCE while at a party.
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    So bear with me if I'm a little "passionate" on this issue.

    I agree that drivers cannot be ripping lines of Meth, so they can drive from New York to LA in one straight go.

    However, look at the other side of the spectrum. My side. A couple of tokes at a long weekend party, which is MY business, and I catch the fallout from that.

    Canada doesn't have a mandate that drivers must enter a testing pool (although employers can enact one, should they prefer). The US does.

    It would be interesting to see what the real difference of mandatory drug testing accomplishes. To my knowledge, we don't have an issue here with Meth'd up drivers...
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