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    Jan 22, 2007
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    Any of you listen to the Open Road Cafe know there has been a lot of talk about specing a truck by Kevin Rutherford.

    Thought I would post a few tips here also.

    When I buy a truck I spec it to make me the most money. I spec it for fuel mileage and resale. Figure on paying $7000-$10,000 more a year for fuel for a classic such as a W900.

    Don't want to write a book here so will keep it short.

    You are better off to ordering your new truck rather than buy a truck off the lot. Lot trucks costs more due to flooring.

    Be honest on how fast you want to run. It's costs a lot to regear your truck latter. In general most new truck engine OEM want you to cruise at 1325-1350 rpm. had a link to help you calculate this.

    Lo Pro tires ( are better on fuel. Deep lug tires kill fuel mileage. SIngle tires are best.

    Consider a bypass filter such as a spiner II for extended oil changes.

    Consider automated transmission for resale and fuel mileage. Not to mention driver comfort.

    Shop around for best deal. Once you get a price for your new truck and used truck send it to dealers around the country. Maybe be able to get more by saleing your truck yourself and having dealer show it as trade to keep from paying the tax. I used truck trader online and sold mine.

    Bridgestone puts out a fuel mileage guide and Kenworth has a good site also.

    If anyone want's more details or copy of my specs just email me. Mention The Truckers Report so I know its not spam.
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    Mar 8, 2007
    Call Dallas Peterbuilt and ask whats in stock and for the specs on a truck. Say you'd like a CATw/ 15 over or Cummins w/18 over. I'd reccommend bullhauler spes.They will fax them.
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