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    Sep 19, 2007
    Ok, first of all I have been driving for 18 yrs now with my familys company, all we have ever had is macks, my last being a ch613 with a 7/460. Heavy set up, god I miss that truck. we had to close the doors on the company a couple of years ago, I signed on with a regional FB carrier in the Jersey area, they screwed me for the past year and a half, so i am going back on my own, it is what I know, and actually have work. (i know sure I do)... Here is the deal Macks are great, I can't buy one, first the resale is good and I cant find the exact one I want used, So I have shoped and found some decent units, but being a Mack dummy, I know nothing about other engines, all I do know is the truck I am in now with this carrier (this is my last day) has the MBE 4000 Mercedes and has been on the hook more than on a load, so knowing this I dont want a 4000, all the trucks I am looking at have either Detroit 60 series 500 hp so they tell me or cat, i am in the 300k range in milage and am looking to spend about 40 to 45 k. A mechanic friend of mine(works for penske) that could be bad or good tells me the detroit egr model is a good engine and will do better on fuel than the pre motor, but reading round here, I see that might not be true, I have a line on a 05 kw with a i think they said 435 cat but i might be wrong, but the dealer is pushing the century on me with the detroit, he can give me a better warrnty than the cat, I know cat's have a good rep but all this pre post crap is killing me. Please help before I go and buy a 79 R model with a 40" bunk, at least Iknow how to fix it.. LOL Thanks in advance.
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    Jan 13, 2009
    We own two Western Star 4900's One is a 2006 Mine is a 2007. They both have 515 series 60 detroits, eaton-fuller 10 speeds 3.58 rears. We pull 53 ft. dry vans. Average load 25,000 lbs. We get 6 mpg. in the winter months. Low 7 mpg. in summer months.
    We have had very good luck with the Detroit motors. They seem to be a little slow on take off. But, all in all we are happy with them.
    I agree with you on the Mercades motors. I would avoid buying one. We have a freightliner with a Mercades in it. My dad drives it mainly so he can keep an eye on it. It has had its share of problems. One bad thing about the Mercades they have strange oil and fuel filters. They are a canister type with a cartrige type filter inside them. Very messy to change. I am just not a Mercades motor fan. Good-luck to you.
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    I have a Cat c-15 Acert in my 04 Columbia and so far it has done me right.Of course I've had minor problems with valve actuators,but for the most part,good motor.BUT,if it's got those 3 little letters(CAT),be ready to pay almost twice as much as normal.:smt025
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