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    Nov 2, 2017
    This is a rag tag trash bag company that runs trash equipment. I worked here for 3 weeks in a run down truck with busted airlines. No air or heat in the sleeper. The air compressor and tank was help onto the tractor witha rachet strap an frayed piece of rope. I was told to driver more than the legal hours and to keep a dummy log book. 85% of the tires were slick with no tread. Melissa Adkins who is the owner of the truck and company told me it was fine and to run it. I drove the truck on 5-7 short runs where the tires blew twice and even took the truck to a local shop to get a list of things that were needed to be fixed. Once I complained that the truck was not safe for the road she had the truck towed back to her shop 3 hours away and told me via text that I was being terminated. They have kept all my personal belongings and have told me they are not paying me my last 2 checks owed to me because the tires and repairs are my fault? There is NO WAY in 5-7 short runs with slick tires I am responsible for any of those repairs. THEFT OF SERVICES!!! Her husband is an EX CON who just got out of prison and they treat employees like trash and often threaten them. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE CROOKS!!!!!!

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    With equipment THAT BAD, you shouldn't have taken the first run, much less 3 weeks worth....
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    OK, did she authorize the repairs on the truck, or did you take it upon yourself to take it to the shop?

    Also, if what you say is true, why in the world did you not walk the first day?
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    So you took a truck that you KNEW was unsafe and hit the road anyway for three weeks? Tell the class again how they made you do it.
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