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    I haven't filed with the IRS in almost 10 years due to a few reasons I don't want to get too specific about. I was going to file them this year only to find out half my paperwork like old W-2's and 1099 settlements that I really needed were lost due to a flood and I have very little of my original records left. I need to find a reasonably priced accountant who can help me restructure all of this information I lost in the last 10 years,file them,and hopefully negotiate a somewhat affordable payment plan. My boss recommended me his office but I find her asking me $1500 for every year I need to file to be a little steep. Does anybody know of any good accountants that are more affordable than this who is knowledgeable about our taxes?
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    $1500 per year is about the going rate if it includes all related bookkeeping for each year as well as completing and filing state and local income tax returns.

    Also, your state(s) may require you to file the previous 10 years of returns; however, the IRS only requires the filing of the previous 6 years.

    If you do not have any supporting documents then you should start contacting prior employers to see if they can provide you with prior earnings information that they may have filed.

    Whether or not you have supporting documentation of earnings and expenses for prior years, you may want to consider contacting a CPA, lawyer, or Enrolled Agent as each of these professions are approved to negotiate tax settlements for you. You can also negotiate for yourself.

    As an alternative, there are many providers of tax debt negotiation, most with a somewhat hefty fee. However, in the long run, with what they may save you, their service typically ends up costing less than having levies on bank accounts, paychecks, etc.

    Regardless of which path you take, the more information you have, the more success you should have.
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    Personally I use ATBS Tax accounting for Trucker Taxes. They are extremely knowledgeable and stay up to date on all the changing tax laws affecting Truckers. They have helped many who Have a similar situation. You can personally get a transcript from the IRS that shows what w2's or 1099's that were reported on your behalf, but sometimes that might be like taking a big stick and stirring up a Fire Ant bed. You can also work with the accountant on the best way to go about this. In some situations, You may be able to qualify for a 'Hardship' with the IRS
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