Career gone bad?

Discussion in 'Questions From New Drivers' started by chefLRD, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. thummper

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    Dec 12, 2006
    orange county, ca
    the amount of text speaks volumes
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  3. newbiewannadoitright

    newbiewannadoitright "Right Wing Nut Job"

    Sep 26, 2007
    Cajun Land
    First off, the people here are not giving you an "ANTI-DRUG POST". You asked the question in the thread and they are telling you what the consequences are. This is what happens with DRUGS in the TRUCKING INDUSTRY. Does the company believe they are taking a risk with you doing drugs? OK, so it was just this one time. But maybe you'll be at a truck stop or a stop over at a friends house the next time you decide to "DO AS THE ROMANS DO" or "MAKE A CRUCIAL ERROR". Where will "ROME" be next time when you happen to be there? You can say the drugs were like the coffee, Ibuprofen, yada, yada, but the fact is you did not take coffee nicotine and Ibuprofen. That's the kind of things dopers say when they want to justify what they do. They point the finger elsewhere and say "look at what they do, I'm not doing anything worse then them". You took an ILLEGAL DRUG, NOT A CIGARETTE AND A CUP OF COFFEE WITH TYLENOL. So please don't try to justify what you did as innocent as what I drink in the morning, because it's not. PERIOD. Sorry if it sounds this way, but your post seems to convey that your concern was, that you should have waited longer so you didn't get caught. But you did....... So, what are your future plans. Evidently, this company is not going to be a part of it. The big question is, are you going to continue to do this and just wait longer before your test next time? Even occassionally? When you visit ROME. If that is something you plan on doing, then you need to make another career move. Just being straight with you. Not posting an ANTI-DRUG MESSAGE.
  4. bbkeo

    bbkeo Light Load Member

    Oct 7, 2007
    winston salem nc
    Even though technically you were not hired yet the company is required to report the results of your test. That is federal law. You are not going to be able to get around that. You are pretty much sol for atleast three years. One of the first questions asked on an app is have you failed a drug test. Personally I don't buy your excuse and I believe you got what you deserved. I don't think it was a one time thing. I am sure McDonalds is hiring. You don't need to be behind the wheel of a truck and because of your poor judgement now we don't have to worry about another crackhead driving down the highway.
  5. Goat88

    Goat88 Light Load Member

    Jul 28, 2007

    Just scanned over some words in all of these posts, but it appears that you won't be driving a truck for a living.

    (Since you thought it'd be out of your system in a couple of days, I'm assuming the substance was coke). No matter, a + drug screen will ban you from the industry because no insurance company will touch you.

    I heard some funny stories from the program director at my CDL school about students. (One was a former MLB pitcher, went out bought 2 brand new Petes and THEN signed up for CDL school. Got popped for coke on the school's drug test and was stuck w/ the 2 Petes).

    Unfortunately, life's just jam-packed with choices. Don't make excuses. (Hope you at least got laid, though).
  6. CMoore2004

    CMoore2004 Road Train Member

    Nov 2, 2007
    So, what you're saying is there are some new Petes for sale for a great price? :D
  7. chefLRD

    chefLRD Bobtail Member

    TBigLug....thank-you for actually replying to my QUESTION, not just replying to my DRUG PROBLEM. I seriously understand that, YES, I DID this to MYSELF, I am wrong to have did the drug, NO pointing the finger or trying to say it wasn't MY fault, that is not what I am looking for in posting this. I am trying to find a way so that I CAN get my foot in the door and prove that I am worthy for this career. The "truckers' wife" who posted a thread about her husband who got a DUI right after school and she was looking for a ANY way to get him into the industry instead of having to wait 5 years, seemed to get a lot of INFORMATIVE replies in which told her how to "get-around" or "beat" [ hire a $$lawyer to get the record, dui, expunged] the predicament/situation that her husband is in. I have not read a single post that is telling her how many millions of people die from drunk-driving, or the cost of health care for alcoholics and the amount of violence that occurs from alcohol, or any useless information, for which I would bet she knows of, FIRST-HAND. I am NOT trying to "JUSTIFY" what I did with someone else's mis-fourtune, I am trying to get you to see the difference/hipocracy in the replies, i.e........."another crack head on the road"..."McDonalds is hiring". Those are the predictable, un-educated, and quite useless posts that, belive me, I already EXPECTED would be written. Again, I AM NOT an addict and do not use, even recreational, I did however use, this once, and YES, I do deserve to pay for my consequences. I went to a Substance Abuse Provider, was evaluated, he then sent me to a drug counseler, which entailed me to go to many meetings with him, go to a local N/A meetings, and to get drug-tested 2 x's a week for 2 months. I did all that was required and I still continue the N/A meetings, even though it is not required. It is a BIG wake up call for me to talk with regular people in all walks of life that are struggling with addictions. I have went to the follow up with the SAP and was cleared to go back to a "DOT sensitive" job, but after months of research of this [my situation], I REALIZE that most starter companies cannot hire you for about 18-24 months, due to insurance issues, which AGAIN, I REALIZE and UNDERSTAND why this this is the WAY. I am merely trying to find a way around it, kinda like hiring a costly attorney to get a DUI charge "expunged" off a driving record so that hiring will not be a problem. I have explained my, self inflicted, problem in detail, but here it is AGAIN...... The co. [PRE EMPLOYMENT+drug test] did not and cannot [only the co., Dr., and me know of drug test] put on my DAC that I had a + test, that part of DAC is clean, however, they CAN and DID put on my DAC that I was employed by them, and when or if I apply at another co. I have to inform them of "past employment", which is ON DAC, which they will check AND contact that co. and I give my permission for them to ask the co. why I was let go... [cannot get around that], but if I get the "Employment-history" section off of the DAC, by DISPUTING that I never was "EMPLOYED", then I will be no longer liable to put this co. on my "employment history", and therefore NO "positive drug test" will be acknowledged. Although I DID infact, go through a SAP provider, FMCSR subpart O, 40.281, Return-to-Duty Process, which I am LEGALLY bound to do, I am not disputing this. I am disputing the EMPLOYMENT at the co. that I had the + test at. I NEVER recieved a pay check or anything regarding being a employee. The drug test is "PRE-EMPLOYMENT, drug test; pre= before, in front of, prior to, before in time, earlier,etc...I AM disputing this and I am wondering if anybody else has. I have already disputed with the USIS [DAC] and the co. did not agree with my dispute and left it on DAC. I am wondering if anyone else has used the "DAC-Fix" that is "advertised" on this web site, and how successful they are at getting something off of the DAC?.......Just wondering to all the people that seem to think of "McDonalds" or "flipping burgers" the only way for "junkies" to be employed, you are so very SMALL-MINDED, the employment opportunities are really endless;, pro-baseball/football/basketball/tennis/hockey/[u-name it],teacher[yes, your kids too!!!], lawyer, doctor, dentist, nurse, PILOT[-yeah, even the one that took your wife/husband/kids/brother/sister/ to Atlanta:)], Millitary;...yes your Vietnam buddy, accountant, YOUR business partner, Your wifes Gynecologist:(, veterinarian....yes, Fluffy's..., local politician,...Marion Barry... [I think was his name??] was, D.C.'S Mayor????, Rock/Rap/Classical{yeah...MOZART]/Country[Kieth Urban....NOOOOO!!!!!! u know ....he is married to Nicole Kidman..."how could she marry SUCH a 'loser'?", President of________ [insert your own choice], or even.... YES....even the guy/gal who might happen to DELIVER 8000 gallons of highly flammable fuel, right along side of your sons/daughters school bus. Just a LITTLE sarcasm for ALL of the sardonic:biggrin_25516: posts that have been, and surely some more to come. Do not get too FULL of yourselves, as I'LL BET that there is NOT a perfect person in the bunch:biggrin_25514: and I DEFINITELY am NOT claiming to be, I am actually laying out my IMperfections for all to read and looking for ways to correct my mistake, if at all possible. Thanks to all who reply, even the negative....they are, at the LEAST, ...comical.:biggrin_2559::biggrin_25525:
  8. myminpins

    myminpins Road Train Member

    Sep 20, 2007
    Dartmouth, NS, Canada
    I've never touched anything "hard" in my life. Other than trying pot many, many years ago (no, thanks), I've not touched drugs and certainly never "smoked a rock". I don't personally know anyone who has, actually. That's a VERY hard drug in my world and I wouldn't want anyone working for me who would do such a thing. It's just not safe.

    I don't drink. I don't do drugs. I think drinking is worse than many of the drugs out there and there are way too many alcoholics on the road but there's nothing I can do about it.

    "Smoking a rock" was very stupid on your part and probably tanked your trucking career for at least three to five years.

    This is in response to your comments about everyone does drugs and probably all of you have, too (which you said above in different words).

    Not everyone does drugs. Not everyone has TRIED the hard drugs (heroin, coke, meth, etc.) so please do not assume. My husband has never smoked a cigarette or done any drugs in his life except the legal one of alcohol (in moderation). Not everyone is "bad" no matter how much TV tries to make you think they are.
  9. finebabymakr

    finebabymakr Light Load Member

    I agree with chefLRD's assessment that he is only trying to get his question answered. He provided detailed background information and included his own admission of stupidity and wrong doing. While he stated that he is willing to accept criticism of his situation, it seems as if some of the earlier "critical" postings are being piled on top of. Now would someone just answer his question?
  10. chefLRD

    chefLRD Bobtail Member

    Myminpins, PLEASE, go back and read MY posts. I did not put in ANY of my posts ANYTHING about "smoking a rock"..... That was what one of the other "brainiacs" wrote, I actually never told what I did, but I did suggest that "it was like drinking 2 gallons of coffee in 2 mins. I let the readers try to guess, although yes, it was cocaine. . Again Minpins....I did not write that I think "everybody does drugs" and "probably all of you have too" .... If you are confused about who wrote what posts.....Mine are under "chefLRD"... The OTHER posts are written from OTHER people...please do not confuse them as that makes your posts uninformative and quite frankly;.. ignorant. You were doing the ASSuming, not I. I am merely asking for advice on an apparently touchy or taboo subject matter. As I stated before......QUITE COMICAL, thanks for writing anyway myminpins-???.... although it did boost up your thread count....but I am just ASSUMING.:biggrin_2554:
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