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    Jan 2, 2020
    CARRIERS BEWARE!! Worst company ever. Their so called brokers will get their load delivered and then deduct money from your load for their egoistic reasons. We booked a load with Natalie, got to the pickup at 7 and then after a 2 hour wait found out that its the wrong location, and were asked to go to another nearby town, where we waited until 4:30 PM. Finally got the load, then my team was stopped at border for food inspection, which took all day and then when we finally arrived to do to the delivery, my driver mistakenly ended up getting his front tire in the heavy snow due to a bad snow storm, took him 6 hrs to get out of there with a tow truck. All this while he kept in touch with the receiver to stay warm at their facility and our dispatch kept Varstar informed, we ended up delivering the load same day in the late afternoon. Then after 9 days of repeated emails to Natalie to get a revised load sheet to invoice, we finally got a hold of her on the phone. Not only she spoke rudely, saying ‘you carriers’, speaking in a racially discriminatory tone, but also sent a revised load sheet with $375 added for the extra charges and $450 late fee fine for reasons such as no macropoint tracking, improper updates and late delivery. We did accept macropoint, kept you updated and yes we were late, but for a very genuine reason. I really hope senior leadership of Fulger Transport and Varstar reads this and do something about it. It is really pathetic and not expected from big companies like Fulger and their subsidiaries like Varstar.
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