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  1. losttrucker

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Great Post!!

    After that first great post you follow up with this load of crap???

    No One cares your a 3rd generation trucker.......No one cares about you riding with "your daddy and grand daddy" or your cb handle

    Give info about the company the thread applies to; not your history as it doesnt make you special or make us feel like we should feel honored to have read what you typed........
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    Jan 23, 2011
    Land of far far away,
    I have an uncle who drives for then out of Florida. He went there after Heartland Express. He actually seems to really really like them, wishes he was home more but has no complaints other than that. This is just what I heard from him, I do not work there so I can't say anything bad or really good.
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    Apr 27, 2013
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    Really?!! Theres nothing that says crap in what I wrote..This is what im talking about right now..Guys like you having a disgruntled opinion on what someone probably do this to you driver manager everyday..Give him a series of bad headaches simply because youre angry about life in point in this matter, was simply stating that guys whose been doing this for a very long time should grow up..And thank you for proving me right by the way for acting out like you just did..I appreciate it. It saddens me to see Experienced veterens like yourself out there not having a pride at all in what you do, while the young generation is out there trying to clean up the mess of what you and many others have created for us..Sad to say but the average driver back in the 50's and 70's were really hard working individuals..and then around the late 70's and 80's and 90's up till this era. have slandered this industry to the dirt. and its appauling, it really really makes me upset to know that Truck driving is just as useless as a bagboy in a grocery store. Were now considered a dime of dozen all because you didn't take the time to teach a proudful trade rightfully..While you cowboys and cowgirls like to strut around in your 100mph semi's and say youre the kings of the road..Guys in my generation frown upon it..So what im getting at is this...I hope to God DOT shuts the likes of you down..and let the industry get back to the way it was..and maybe after its said and done..our roads will be much safer and our paychecks will grow much better than what it is right now..Thats not Crap, That's how much pride I have for this business..look yourself in the mirror and think about what I said instead of posting something that says "IT DOESNT MATTER" youre not a pro wrestler youre a Truck Driver so act like it.
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    Nov 11, 2010
    Well said. But trucking never will be the same ,years keep going by our pay going down.
  5. losttrucker

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    Mar 9, 2008
    Wow!! Where do I begin??

    Um, I dont have a "driver manager". I get my loads straight from the owner of the company I'm leased to and I'm really a happy camper!!

    You have no clue about my work ethic or how long Ive been driving so Im not gonna respond to your rant about how it was back in the day because frankly I could careless, as Im only 32 years old and have had my CDL for 13 years.

    The reason we are regulated to death is because
    were popping pills, doing drugs, running 24 hours and on and on and on!! Thanks Old Timers!!

    The reason
    is because all it takes is a 3 week "school" and people turn to trucking as a last resort job because of being away weeks at a time or poor pay. Face it, we really are unskilled laborers!!

    Um no, I poke around on 2 lanes all week and feel like Im flying IF I get up to 62MPH and didnt YOUR generation have all those crappy truck driving songs talking bout being Kings of the road and triple digit trucks??

    They will never have to a reason to shut me down as I dont do anything wrong!! If the industry goes back to the way it was, with todays highway congestion, death rates would be thru the roof!!

    That will never happen!! Read the beginner forums and you will see thousands of ready and willing bodies to drive for 25-30 cpm

    Tell me Ol' Wise One, why does it matter??
    That means crap. Does that make you more qualified?? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy typing it?? Are we suppose to get all googly eyed and drool over how wonderful of a driver you claim to be?? Better yet, does that tell us ANYTHING about a company?? No, it doesnt......

    Wait, what?? Wrestler?? Anyways, I wouldnt even call myself a "truck driver", Im just a young poor sap can hauler who runs about 300 miles a day, as I only want to work 7am-5pm. I have no desire to be king of the road or run 100mph and god forbid one of my sons takes over my CB Handle; as I hope they are more successful then me.

    Your delusional if you really believe people are gonna pull over to help folks now a days. With Qualcomms, cell phones, and communication devices why would I pull over?? So what if you blow your drives!! What am I gonna do?? Change it for you or sit there so your not alone and scared?? If someone needs help they will wave you down or signal they are in distress and need assistance.

    BRAVO!! BRAVO!! You sir deserve another notch on your belt buckle!! Your "daddy" would be proud!! Ladies and gentlemen lets get a fund going to get this 13th Generation Super Trucker a pair of cowboy boots with gold tips and spurs.........

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  6. SouthernShaker2

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    Apr 27, 2013
    Flowery Branch, Ga.
    Ok ROCK!! youre a swell bad man when it comes to typing out insults and yelling out in big caps "IT DOESNT MATTER!!"
    on a computer....LOL

    Look buddy if you have a problem about everything I type...Just take it up with my Rear, because its the only one who gives a Crap on what you say or think...
  7. mcdiddy1

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    Sep 5, 2010
    Lol at the above. I am a current driver with CF. I rehired in Jan earlier this year. I have been employed with the company altogether approximately 2 years. I have no complaints. I get home when I .want. It is a small enough company that you see the same faces and get to know the people you work with and for if you want. Plenty of miles. Turned 3500 this week. No idle policy(you're in it, idle it if you need too). All the tractors I've driven have been 2010 Macks or newer so they have all been nice. It's like any other trucking company. Here they tend to leave you the heck alone. Majority of freight is in southeast. If you run out of the region, typically you will load right back to the south FL-TX. It is a 48 state carrier though. No force dispatch into NYC but in 2 years, I have never been on a NY load. I do have the fancy sticker. They offer benefits as you would expect from any employer. I opt out of most since I'm 30 years old and in good health, no dependants, so I don't have specifics. No pets. They do allow approved passenger, must be 12yrs or older I think, must have a pulse. I don't view this too often. I'm sure I left a lot unanswered. Long story short, I'm happy and I don't plan on leaving anytime soon. They treat me well. This is from a DRIVER, not related, and NOT a recruiter. Hope this was somewhat informative. Oh, did I mention the $1000 driver referral program? Enter the code HATG when applying. Hahaha. I had to!

  8. MrMatt

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    Apr 22, 2013
    based on everything i have read an heard about cf. I wouldn't be willing to work for them. the 9 matching complaints from rippoff report alone. from 9 different people. is enough to stay away from them. But, i see this more and more now a days. good companies turn bad, and hide behind a once good name.

    plus i talked to the recruiter. not real informative about anything. mostly the recruiter was in a hurry to get off the phone. I think to move on to the next person. so probably getting a commision for filling the orientation class with drivers. so that is a big red flag to me..

    a good rule of thumb: don't work with companies that say you are family. family screws family over. and there is always fighting.
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    Dec 14, 2013
    NJ (South Jersey)
    HeHe HaHa:yes2557:
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