Carry Transit, are they a good company to drive for?

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    Oct 1, 2021
    West Chester, Ohio
    After a 30 year career in an industry that does not translate or cross over into Trucking, I am changing careers. I’m 51 years old, I’m a new CDL-A holder and I’m looking for my first driving job. I’m considering Carry Transit and I’m pretty far along in the hiring process. I do have my hazmat, tanker and doubles/triples endorsements with no automatic transmission restriction. My TWIC is being processed and my Passport is being renewed for whatever that is worth.

    My question is, is Carry Transit a good company and a good company to drive for? Home time? Money or compensation, etc.? I am having a terrible time finding out anything on this company, either good or bad.

    I’m in or live in West Chester, Ohio (Cincinnati).
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    Carry is the food grade division of Superior Carriers. SC used to be awesome, but since they got bought out by Henniff, there seems to be a bit of discontent. Not sure how that might affect Carry, though.

    I will say that starting out with any tank company will give you far more inroads when/if you change companies down the road.
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