Carrying firearms in a truck

Discussion in 'Trucking Industry Regulations' started by GasHauler, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. outerspacehillbilly

    outerspacehillbilly "Instigator of the Legend"

    May 28, 2009
    The Who's Your State
    You don't have a clue what you are talking about. Indiana has one I KNOW, I HAVE ONE! It is NOT illegal to have a concealed weapon in PERIOD!
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  3. notarps4me

    notarps4me Road Train Member

    Jan 1, 2007
    When I lived in Indiana I had a CWP for 8 years.
  4. badsey

    badsey Medium Load Member

    Oct 9, 2007
    Green Bay, WI
    it truely is safer law-wise to just practice "open-carry" -if Libs have a problem with it - too bad. Put a sling on a M1 Garand and carry it over your back. I believe this is part of the "Swiss Example"

    transport of said firearm has different laws though.
  5. Indycolt

    Indycolt Bobtail Member

    Jun 30, 2009
    Indiana has a lifetime or four year license to carry a hand gun. You can carry concealed or open the state does not care which you chose. Also, I can walk down the street in Indiana with a rifle slung over my shoulder and it's perfectly legal. Heck, if you want to, you could walk down the sidewalks of Indianapolis with a rifle on your shoulder and it would be perfectly legal provided you were not in a school zone, a victim zone(gun free area), or a park run by the Indianapolis park department. Next time do a little research before spouting off about something you obviously do not know a thing about.
  6. kwray

    kwray Medium Load Member

    Jun 14, 2009
    I think you totally missed the point of what I said. Someone who believes they are intrinsically harmless is NOT idolizing them. Fear can be a form of worship, in that some people are so afraid of guns (or other objects) that they won't even so much as lay a finger on one, which in itself is a form of worship because the person, in their mind, is giving the object power to control their actions in an irrational manner.
  7. SilveradoBlue

    SilveradoBlue Light Load Member

    Sep 12, 2009

    I think maybe, possibly, he might have meant IL & WI, not IN. Not sure tho, giving benefit of the doubt here.
  8. trustno1

    trustno1 Bobtail Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    phx az
    You are right about Ill. but you have no clue about Ind. it is one of the free states we still have in our country!!!!:biggrin_25526:
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  9. I carry a Law enforcement / government restricted glock 31, with 15 round cap mag, and have 5 fully loaded mags ready to go. in the event some gang banger invaded my truck.
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  10. skywagon

    skywagon Bobtail Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    This Works: I have a CCW from Calif, NV and UT. So I can legally carry concealed on my person or vehicle in CA,WA,ID,NV,MT,WY,AZ,NM,ND,SD,KA,OK,TX,LA,AR,MO,MN,MS,TN,KY,ID, OH,MI,WV,VA,PA,VT,AK,NC,NH,GA,AL,DE,UT.

    To get a UT and/or NV CCW you do not need to be a resident of the state, as is the case in FL. UT is good in 30-something states and NV almost the same. CA accepts no other states and few accept CA, and you must be a resident of CA.

    So, with a UT CCW you are good in most Western States. First I do not take trips to the Northeast (e.g. NY, NJ, etc.). I also take precautions to remain legal when I travel through a state where my UT,NV or CA permit is not honored.

    Legal Transport without CCW: Federal law allows you to transport a firearm if the weapon is locked in a box, key not available from driver seat and weapon is not loaded. Example: When I go through OR I lock the firearm in a lockbox and put the lockbox in the outside truck locked equip box. I lock the ammo in the opposite outside box, so weapon is not loaded and double locked (in lockbox and outside equip box) and ammo is locked separately--both not readily available from the cab. [This is legal in all States, but I don't trust NY and and a few other locals, e.g. Chicago.]

    Best website for CCW reciprocity agreements between states is -site won't let me post link. So search for State CCW Reciprocity and you will find links to comprehensive CCW Reciprocity arrangements . Get a UT CCW and one from your home state and if you drive the west you are good to go.

    Businesses can always post -- No Weapons Allowed, regardless of CCW status, e.g. Walmart, Target, and most employers. So if you are caught you will certainly loose your company job and can be charged with misdomenor trasspass, but to me that is well worth the risk. I never carry on my person in these situations, but I do keep concealed in the sleeper. Otherwise I always carry on my person or where I can reach it from the driver's seat.

    Delivery to Military Bases or Indian Reservations: Even with a CCW honored in the State, I always lockup my weapon and ammo separately as stated above when delivering at these locations. I'm retired miltary and know that they sometimes do searches and of course do not want to jepordize my retirement status.

    Plan to protect yourself and use mature judgment when carrying. Don't forget many business have considerable video surveilance. Hopefully you will never need to use deadly force to protect your life or preclude serious bodily injury. However, WE HAVE A RIGHT NOT TO BE AN EASY VICTIM. The above will protect you from criminals and also unreasonable state laws that violate our Second Amendment rights.
  11. southbaydad

    southbaydad Light Load Member

    Dec 10, 2009
    I know this will bring in a mixed variety of posts (but then again all posts do that) A few days ago they found a trucker that had just left the T/A at the 10/15 in so. cal. he had crashed his rig on the Milliken onramp to the 10 west ........... he had been shot in the chest and yes - died- they did find the 2 guys that were in his truck, one still had the gun and blood on him --but they are not sure if the driver picked them up(ie:hitchhikers) or the driver was being a nice guy and offered to give them a ride from the truckstop??? they are tending to think they were hijacking his load. Soooo if one has a permit to carry a concealed weapon can it be a legal thing to do while driving truck??? are hijacked loads common ( well except fer chicago i hear - lol) I know this would have to be run through whatever company u are driving for, but... then again if u have a concealed carry permit its not something you want everyone to know about- its more for protection and saving your own life in an emergency situation I would rather be shooting then being shot at. Anyway I know there are some guys with years of exp. and input. I am sure it is probably a wise idea to always keep the passenger door locked so no one can jump in your door when in a bad area and, also to say the least about laws governing each state about gun carry but nonetheless I was just wondering if it is considered one of the "not talked about" ----items that drivers carry or have hidden.. but are not spoken about?
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