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    Jan 28, 2007
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    This is a list of CB shops that have and still do good work.

    Ray's electronics in Elkin NC.
    This is with out a doubt the very best technician i have ever dealt with! If any of you have ever heard of the old tube Amps called Elkins,this is the man who built them. If the radio is not right then it will not go out the door. He stands behind his work and services all types of radio from old tube radios and amps to the newest CB radios. He has never done myself or any of my friends wrong on any repair or modification,ever!

    Radio way electronics (Cranky's) Maiden NC.
    Although you cant get a truck to him he is also a very very good tech. His 9 to 5 job is working for the local government repairing radios for police,fire and rescue,he also does repairs on just about any new/old ham radio. You can find his contact info on Craigslist. This is another tech that has never done any bad work and he will not hack and clip a radio ,even if the customer demands it!

    CB shop that i cant remember the names of.
    There is a CB shop just out side of Denver CO. If you coming west into town there is a Sapp Bros truck stop on the north side of the interstate. You get off of the ex and turn right then left at a stop light to get to the T stop. On the right side of the Rd,across from the T stop there is a high rise building,i think his shop is on the first or second floor.

    (Now this has been years ago and he may no longer be there.) I had an older Connex that wasnt working so i stopped by one day to see if he could fix it and after about 2 hrs he could just not get the radio to work correctly,i was pressed for time and could not wait any longer. He told me that the next time i came back into town he would work on it for me and see if he could find the problem. It took 2 more trips for him to get it straight,cant remember what was wrong with it. He did not charge me a thing and even took my wife and i out to lunch because it took him so long to fix it. I still have the radio, it works great and i would not think twice about letting him work on another one!
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    Mar 29, 2009
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    There is a guy who runs a cb shop out of a former snap-on tool truck in Council Bluffs, IA. on thurs and fri. (exit 1b on I-80 Sapp bros). He is also # exit 40 on I-80 (Wings truckstop) tues and wed. His handle is "OLDGOLD". He's very reasonable, honest, and does a REAL peak & tune! Tell him the WALGREENS driver sent ya!!!!
  3. Any good shop around Columbia South Carolina. I know there is at the Pilot on I-26 exit 58? but don't know anything about him. Got my cb from a shop on I77 exit48 been in there with questions as to why it's not working right but get the run around. Just need a no bs shop if there's such athing. Thanks
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    May 31, 2009
    Sparkys CB shack.
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    Jan 28, 2007
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    I85N close to the NC state lines there is a small little truck stopon the east side of the interstate,i think it's called river view or something like that. It's just a small little place but they have some killer food there and also a really good tech. At least there used to be a good tech there, been a few years since i stopped by but I'm pretty sure it the same guy.Could check with him.

    I know the guy your speaking of and he is the same kind of tech i enjoy complaining about. Clip it,snip it and throw it our the door regardless of how it sounds and once he gets your cash it hell to get him to fix his screw ups!

    Whats the radio doing to make you think it's not working right?
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    May 28, 2009
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    Sparkys CB Shack - 125 South State St Westville, IL

    Custom CB Radios - 4th Ave, Terre Haute, IN

    Steelrods CB Shop - Remington, IN I-65 exit 201 behind KFC

    Movin on Electronics - I-75 in OH exit 99 behind Wendy's

    I have done business with all these shops and they all do good work. I would not hesitate to have them work on any of my radios or setup. It has been several years since dealing with Steelrods but I assume they still do good work. I always had steelrod himself work on my stuff.
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  7. I am being told there is a squeal when I try and talk. It’s a $40 Midland .
  8. Carolina Thunder

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    Jan 28, 2007
    Coeburn V.A.
    Wiggle the mike cord while your trying to talk and see if it stops,could be wire grounding out. If you have talk back that's to loud then that will cause it as well. Take the cover off of the radio ( the side that does not have the internal speaker ) and tighten the screws that hold the board in place,if they are loose this will cause it. Bad coax will cause it and a poorly grounded antenna will to.

    If it started that after he was in it, then it's hard to tell what it could be.Just depends on what he did to it.
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  9. This has just started(radio is 3 months old) . All he did was sell me the radio and I put it in the truck. Did go back and ask about grounding it because it only get out about a mile. Was told thats about all it will do and grounding was bs. The coax is new but the mike looks chep so I will start there. Thanks for the help.
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    Mar 5, 2009
    where is the best cb shop in nc?
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