CCJ's Top 250 Trucking Companies

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  1. Robbvious

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    The August issue of Commercial Carriers Journal has a ranking of America's top 250 trucking companies. I thought I would share some of this data as that may help drivers when considering what company to work for. The rankings used the following formula:

    Revenue + number of vehicles + number of drivers. The "number of vehicles" rank included trucks, tractors and trailers, and also included Owner Operators who were also counted in the driver rank as well. Tractors were weighted against trucks (meaning straight trucks and the like) as they represent a larger capital investment. That component really only matters in the LTL and package carrier segment, as all of the other segments ranked were truckload carriers.
    Anyway, the top company in terms of all of the above factors was UPS, with some $49.6 Billion in revenue, 99,900 trucks and tractors, 21,800 trailers and 100,000 drivers. Not much surprise there.

    More to the point of users of this site, whom I believe are mostly truckload types, I'll give the top 10 in each of the 4 major segments. I'll give the company's overall rank within the top 250 in parentheses behind their segment rank.


    1(5). Swift Transportation
    2(7). Schneider National Carriers
    3(8. JB Hunt Transport
    4(9). Landstar System (Interesting note: Landstar is all O/O)
    5(11). Werner Enterprises
    6(12). US Xpress Enterprises
    7(13). Ryder Integrated Logistics
    8(14). Pacer International Truckling Operations
    9(17). Greatwide Logistics
    10(18. Crete Carrier


    1(48. TMC Transportation
    2(58. Bennett International Group
    3(60). Ace Transportation
    4(68. Maverick USA
    5(75). Arrow Trucking
    6(76). Acme Truck Line
    7(95). PGT Trucking
    8(103). Lone Star Transportaion
    9(108. Melton Truck Line
    10(129). Warren Transport


    1(25). CR England
    2(49). Marten Transport
    3(54). Stevens Transport
    4(57). FFE Transportation Services
    5(62). Central Refridgerated Service
    6(90). TransAm Trucking
    7(96). Navajo Express
    8(134). John Christner Trucking
    9(150). Webster Trucking
    10(151). National Carriers

    Tank / Bulk

    1(26). Ruan Transport
    2(27). Quality Distribution
    3(38. Kenan Advantage Group
    4(42). Trimac Transportation Services
    5(72). The Dana Companies
    6(83). Superior Bulk Logistics
    7(102). Groendyke Transport
    8(106). TankStar USA
    9(111). Enterprise Transportation
    10(122). Foodliner / Quest Liner

    It's important to note that many of the above are group corporations that encompass several different truck lines.

    Also interesting in the report were the many compaines that do not specialize in one segment, but have 2 or 3 of them like Roehl, Anderson/ATS, CRST and so on. They all did pretty well in the overall rank, but didn't even show up in the top 10 of any one segment.

    Interesting stuff.
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  3. WiseOne

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    Feb 8, 2004
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    Yea, interesting, I think the list is BS. Of course they didn't take into account the way they treat drivers...or MOST on top ten would be gone (from van, for sure). I would rather call that a top ten list of trucking companies that are EXPERTS at screwing drivers and then it would be about right...
  4. Robbvious

    Robbvious Light Load Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    JanesVegas, WI

    Wow. Thanks for the enlightened input.

    Go back and read it again. The list consists of Revenue + #of power units + # of drivers. Driver happiness is utterly unquantifiable and has no place in the matrix. Your assertion is akin to saying Toyota sucks because you got screwed over by a dealer when you bought a new one. You signed the contract and bought the car, how is that Toyota's fault? The same thing can be said for going to work for a crappy company. YOU signed on to work for them. It's about taking responsibility for your own actions. If they suck, go somewhere else. Now, I would never work for Swift, that's my choice. But they must be doing something right to have made $3.3 Billion in revenue last year, have some 18,000 trucks and 21,000 drivers. Remember, revenue isn't necessarily reflective of profit.
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  5. Sinner

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    Sep 12, 2008
    Thanks genius..Now we can all make our choices based on the size of the company....lmfao...Clearly WiseOne won this debate and even goes as far as to help drivers look for good companies to work for which is what I thought this forum was about...Good work WiseOne...:biggrin_25525:
  6. dancnoone

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    May 6, 2007
    I'll give the dirtbags credit...they know who to screw to increase earnings.

    4 of the top 5 van divisions use unethical employer/employee practices.

    And the Reefer division....scum of the earth FFE gained 50 places?? WTF ?

    They have screwed drivers for years. I guess they have perfected it now.
  7. Robbvious

    Robbvious Light Load Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    JanesVegas, WI
    You're welcome. You can be as smarmy as you want, but that doesn't change market share, market saturation, and the economies of scale. In other words, you're sure to be treated like a number and treated poorly at a large carrier like Swift or Schneider, but they are the ones who have the corner on the market, keeping their trucks loaded and generating revenue. You can research for yourself and see if you'd like to drive for #1 or #250. It's your choice, no one is forcing you to work.
    And you're absolutely right, that's what's great about this forum. You can find out just about anything you want to know about any company here, perhaps I should have made that clear in my original post. You can also see where your company ranks and all of their numbers by Googling. That was the intention; so that you could make an informed decision on who to go to work for, not just from their recruiting department, but with some hard numbers to back up what they say about how busy you will be. Sorry you're offended by that.
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  8. dancnoone

    dancnoone "Village Idiot"

    May 6, 2007

    Even those numbers are misleading IMO. A couple of those companies have closed since it was put out.

    At least 1 of the top 10 lost more revenue than the company I drive for, ranked around 140.

    Bottom line, if company #250 pays as well as company #2. And they treat their drivers better. What do those numbers reflect? Other than who has the most trucks and overall revenue.

    Revenue and size, is not reflective of a good salary and treatment. It mearly reflects how effective they have worked the market. Not how they use the money.
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  9. rookietrucker

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    Jul 15, 2007
    That top ten list for van/refrigerated SHOULD say companies to stay away from.
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  10. Robbvious

    Robbvious Light Load Member

    Jun 25, 2008
    JanesVegas, WI

    I agree. Again, I'm not arguing about any of the points you made, only that drivers don't figure into a company's bottom line, in effect proving your point. Turn-over rate, safety ratings, and other such metrics weren't included in CCJ's top 250. I wonder how different those rankings would be if those things were included and weighted against their revenue?

    Personally, I'd rather not drive for any company, but would much prefer to drive for myself. That's not an option for now as I've been out of the truck for far too long. Anyway, that's why I was so suprised that Landstar, which has no company trucks, was ranked #9 overall, even though they gave up 1.1% in revenue over 2006. Seems their business model is pretty effective.
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  11. heyns57

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    Dec 30, 2006
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    Of course, Commercial Carriers Journal lists the common carriers. Forum members searching for jobs should not neglect the other half of the trucking industry, private carriers. For example, Wal-Mart Stores operates as many tractors as Werner. The top five private carriers would dove-tail into the Commercial Carriers Journal top ten based on tractors operated, but their revenue from transportation operations alone is not available. There are many smaller private carriers such as Sherwin-Williams Co. and True Value Co. that should be considered when job hunting.
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