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    Hey all, I'm looking for driveaway companies who mainly have CDL work. I've done auto driveaway from 2015-2019, it was honestly the best job I've ever had to this very day. Back then of course I didn't have any major obligations, so grossing between 45k-50k annually was good for me. Now things are a little different, if I can't gross at minimum 7k month it wouldn't work out for me.

    I know that there are several driveaway companies out there, and all of them feed you stories about how much you can make. One company on particular that I've been in contact with is TruckMovers. Their ads say you can gross anywhere between 80k -100k annually, but again if you're familiar with driveaway you are a 1099 contractor which means you are responsible for everything. The recruiter claimed most drivers gross 90k, but again I'm interested in hearing from guys and gals who are actually driving for them, not the recruiters.
    I also seen someone else post on a forum here that he grosses 140k but net's half of that, so around 71k-72k. I have not been able to get a response back, since the post he commented under was from June last year.

    With that said, if anyone has leads and information on good driveaway companies where you can make really good money, please let me know. I'm currently enrolled in online school, and with everything else taking place in my life right now driveaway would be super beneficial to me.
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