Central Refrigerated Truck Stop II

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  1. Lady K

    Lady K Road Train Member

    We (out of our pocket) bought and had installed an inverter (main thing they are concerned about is getting it done right, with a fuse as close to the batteries as possible and the right gauge wire) Ran a Walmart dorm fridge strapped to the top bunk... Still do as L/O...
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  3. Lady K

    Lady K Road Train Member

    <crickets chirping>

    Well I know how we've been... Stuck at the FL dealer in Amarillo waiting on parts for the last two days... But how is everyone else doing?
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  4. Truckin2Eat

    Truckin2Eat Medium Load Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    Not the best had a run to pageland Sc Walmart dc from the Conley yard. I get to pageland they tell me this load goes to Alabama I get to Alabama they tell me these PO's have been delivered 3days ago. So I take it back to the yard to drop trailer and dead head to Macon hillshire, I pick up preloaded get 100 miles from Macon and remember I left padlock on trailer that I dropped at the yard. But anyway I take preloaded from Macon to the pageland Walmart dc. They unload me I pull from dock to close doors and notice it's one whole pallet left, was supposed to dead head to gaffney sc to pick up preloaded last night but instead I have to baby sit one pallet until osd tells me what to do with it. I hope you are doing better then I am during this wonderful holiday season lol.
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  5. Arkansas Frost

    Arkansas Frost Heavy Load Member

    Aug 2, 2012
    North Little Rock, AR
    Not too bad. Trying to sleep so I can knock out some miles tonight. Taking my student home for Christmas since he's from Oregon. Will be weird at best... I am surprised I Don't have a full head of grey hair after a few weeks with him. He listens but the language barrier gets bigger when he doesn't agree, lol. So far still rackin up miles though so no real complaints! Merry freakin Christmas y'all!
  6. passion4polishing

    passion4polishing Road Train Member

    Mar 7, 2012
    Tampa, FL
    Awful, but at least the truck is still running! More short, disjointed loads. Several weren't Kraft loads (thats for reminding me why I hate the otr fleet). Lot's of being late from detention+snow. And to cap it all off, I had to wait around 5 hours yesterday while TK fixed a dying reefer I inherited when picking up a preload, which made me late again.

    On the plus side I've got a load out tomorrow morning, and I'm already pset out of my 99, so I've got my next 1300 miles lined up, gaplessly, all drop and hook.
  7. Clyde07

    Clyde07 Heavy Load Member

    May 28, 2013
    I'm trying to figure out when and where this fly got in my cab. I haven't seen one in 2 or 3 months. But he got a little too close to the top of the window and now has a new home on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.
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  8. Lady K

    Lady K Road Train Member

    Mmm... What's on the pallet? Sometimes they come backward it 'dump it', and either you can give it away, or take it home... Happened to us (sort of)... At a rest area another Central driver had a half pallet of frozen Stoffer meat loafs he had to 'dump'. So was passing them out at the rest area... We helped him with a couple cases, bought a BIG ice chest to ride in the truck. Stuffed the ice chest with dry ice and at the end of the week, put them all in our chest freezer at home!

    Merry Christmas to you too :)

    I like the good side! Yeah, I'm glad we aren't OTR any more... However we might get a taste of it before we get back in our loop... Sigh!

    LOL! Seeing new sights!!

    As for us we've spent the last couple days at the Freightliner Dealer in Amarillo, TX... They had to 'order a part'... It didn't come in the next day, so spent the night again... Then today, they found the part that they had needed to order in one of the mechanic's tool boxes!! THEY HAD ONE ALL THAT TIME!! GRRR! So now our load has been repowered and we are sitting and waiting for another load to get us heading west... I even told our DM we would be willing to DH 400+ miles to Aurora, CO to get us back in our loop... Have I ever told you guys just how much I dislike waiting!!
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  9. 4noReason

    4noReason Road Train Member

    Nov 29, 2012
    looks like they got a day cab running on natural gas in the kraft fleet. locals. wonder if thats gonna get over to my fleet.
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  10. Ice Train

    Ice Train Medium Load Member

    Jan 17, 2013
    Harkers Island NC
    Dang lady K, ken from dole just pulled me off of a east bound to repower a load that was wrecked over in groom tx just east of you. This was yesterday I delivered it this afternoon in Santa Fe springs CA that would have worked for ya pretty good.
  11. Lady K

    Lady K Road Train Member

    Just got the truck out of the shop early afternoon... DM didn't want to get us a load until we were SURE everything was fixed... That would have worked though, if it had been today ... Hoping we get something first thing in the AM... I'm itch'n to ROLL!!
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