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  1. jjranch

    jjranch Road Train Member

    Jan 26, 2008
    Shelbyville, TN
    I am starting a new Central thread where we can talk about the company or anything in general. The hope ist to meet other current or past Central drivers but anyone is welcome so post up and i cant wait to hear from you all. John.
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  2. 6pak4-two

    6pak4-two Medium Load Member

    Apr 6, 2008
    No longer there
    :biggrin_2551: yo JJ got a couple of ?'s
    Been thinking about central myself talked to 3 of there drivers 2 L/O 1 Co
    all seem happy.
    Wondering how are your miles as well as your D/M.
  3. jjranch

    jjranch Road Train Member

    Jan 26, 2008
    Shelbyville, TN

    I am really happy with my D/M. I had her when i was with my trainer. My first run consisted of 32 MI. The reason for this is i got assigned a different load and took the one i was assigned to the yard. the new load was 1873 mi. the first week out keep in mind started on a wed. by Tue of the next week i was up to 2600 and the truck was down in the shop twice during that time frame. Coming off of home time i have 2300 mi run which i can do in 4.5 days dropping early since they gave me six days to do it in. They have the freight if you are willing to work. I take whatever load they give me with no complaints and so far i have not had to fingerprint a load. its either live loads or drop and hook. I have done some i need a favor short hot loads and have been repaid with high mile loads. I really like the office staff they have been great. I have worked for 3 other companies in the past and so far i really like this one. I can even talk to my D/M at her desk when i am at the terminal. I hope this helps if you want to know anything else just post up. John.
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  4. jess-juju

    jess-juju Road Train Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    Shelbyville TN
    Jess and I are out on the road and are loving the wireless card. It is a little cramped but we are making out pretty good. Jess keeps busy while i drive by counting trucking company trucks to see who has the most out of the 11 hr shift i drive she usually picks between 6 to nine companies a day Central won yesterday beating out CRST by 1 when we stopped at the bosselman's T/S yesterday and today she got to see the worlds largest T/S at walcott, IA. She still isn't used to the truck or T/S noises yet. Well that's it for today we will post more later oh so far we haven't ran into the Werner trainer who crapped his pants or anyone of Werner's trainees running and screaming away from the truck at a T/S but we will post up if we do. We are still keeping an eye out for grandma Debi and Virgil but still no sign. Jess spotted a White England lease truck and is going to check and see if it is her and Virgil by knocking on the door. Bye for now. John AKA JJ Ranch.
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  5. CMoore2004

    CMoore2004 Road Train Member

    Nov 2, 2007
    I stayed at that Bosselman just a few nights ago (just east of Des Moines, I think), and stopped by that Iowa 80 Truck Stop. I was going to get up earlier so I could spend a few hours there, but I was too tired. I ended up stopping there on accident... I saw a Wendy's sign and a Pilot sign, so I assumed I could pull into the Pilot and grab some breakfast. Then I saw a Pilot to the left and to the right, and the TA across from the one Pilot--remembered which exit I took and it finally clicked. That truck stop is something else, I wish I had more time to look around. At least I got some Wendy's. I love how they serve lunch all day long, which is why I usually search for them.

    Anyway, I saw a Central truck make his own visiting place the other day. All he did was turned his truck completely upside down and hit the columns for the overpass with his trailer. He had all kinds of people there. They had red and blue lights going, but I didn't hear any music. What kind of party doesn't have music? ;)
  6. jess-juju

    jess-juju Road Train Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    Shelbyville TN
    Well its been 4 days on the road and I'm soooooooo tired I think I have slept a total of 8hrs ........Still not used to all the noise in the truck stops and the reefer noise. I discovered I can sleep while the truck is moving so I grab a few hrs when John is driving of a night. We are pulled up at a T/A in Youngstown Ohio (Well I think its Ohio):biggrin_25518: We are hooked up to the IdleAire so I could recharge my laptop battery and cook my cinnamon toast, we got a power inverter but it needs to be hooked up.
    John is sleeping now so we can head to PA tonight and drop our load and hopefully get a new one with good miles tomorrow, I think I will take the Laundry to the T/A and get it done in case the next load is a hurry up one.
    And if you do happen to see a woman in a pink Cap with Central on the front and Jessica on the back then by all means say G'day.
  7. Lastkidpicked

    Lastkidpicked Heavy Load Member

    Aug 17, 2007
    JJRanch, Thanks for starting this thread.

    I am a former Central Refridgerated driver, I was adopted by Jerry after he bought me from Dick Simon.

    Here are two things I will say about Central:

    1. They hired me on when I really needed a job.
    2. They never lied to me.

    In return, I did the best job I could to get those loads from point A to point B. I think it was a square deal all the way around.

    If any of you Central guys come down I-25 about fifteen minutes north of Denver, you will see a Mcdonald's, Wendy's etc on exit 240 that has plenty of truck parking. You can see my barn from there, and if you let me know, I will run out and buy you a hamburger.

    Of course, the same offer goes out to MM, Brickman, Bronc and the usual gang of suspects as well.

    Retired Simon Truck # 1357 (now hauling sugar beets)
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  8. jess-juju

    jess-juju Road Train Member

    Feb 19, 2008
    Shelbyville TN
    So far we have had some adventures i will start to try and post them here. We have had some pretty interesting days and still havent found Grand Ma Debi or ran into the Werner driver who craps his pants but did see fat albert at the buffet and a runaway truck at the Bedford Pa Wal-Mart D/C and a foot race in a pickle park in WV judged by a female Sneider driver. stay tuned. John AKA JJRanch
  9. Longterm57

    Longterm57 Bobtail Member

    Nov 16, 2008
    I am Supposed to attend Central Driving School on Monday Dec 1, 2008, but I am not to sure about them. I haveing an extremly hard time getting ahold my recuriter and she never returns my calls. She promissed that she would get me home for Christmas, but once agian I am worried b/c my traing is supposed to end on the 18th. that leaves a week of driving with a train. Can I also request the type of trainer I get wehter it is Company or lease/owner.
  10. firstgear

    firstgear Light Load Member

    Dec 19, 2007
    What is their orientation like? Also do they push the lease thing from day one? or is it something they dont make that big of deal about??:biggrin_2554:
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