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  1. ChromeDome

    ChromeDome Road Train Member

    Jun 10, 2007
    Lakeland, FL
    GPS's are scary.
    They can get you messed up bad. I hear about it all the time. Heck, my company will not hire anyone with less than 1 year experience, and we still have guys hit bridges, because they followed a GPS.
    Even the truck GPS's are not 100%. Always use an atlas and check the route in the front of the book. Look for restrictions. No, they are not all in there. but most are.

    As to going off route.
    The route that Central gives you will be the shortest, most of the time.
    But it will not be the fastest. Since PC miler will take you off an interstate and onto a business loop, with lights and all, if it is shorter.
    So you really need to look at your route.

    In most states there are some really good US routes. That can shave allot of time off loads. And many of these routes do have truck stops. Some of them are not in the guides though. Heck, allot of them are not. You just have to learn where they are.

    My company does not use some toll roads. Such as OH and IN turnpikes. We do not get on them at all, ever.
    So I have found several really good US routes to take. Yes, they will take a little longer than the interstate, depending on where I am going. But they also save allot in tolls.
    Though in some sections the tolls would have been cheaper than the fuel. But not on many of them.
    IA has allot of good 2 lanes. So does MS and many other states, that really do not have a ton of Interstates. You just have to learn how to recognize the faster ones.

    One big thing for a new driver at Central though. DO NOT FOLLOW ROUTING 100%.
    If it tells you to get off the big road for the small road. If it has you getting back on that big road later, then don't get off of it.
    Most of the L/O they use as trainers will not bother to tell trainees this. Since the trainer will have them go the fastest way. And may or may not even work with the trainee on trip planning.
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  3. smadronia

    smadronia Heavy Load Member

    May 26, 2007
    Your own shower, not using a toilet 300 other people used today, having a dresser of clothes, not a duffel, reliable power.

    You mean those things?
  4. smadronia

    smadronia Heavy Load Member

    May 26, 2007
    My GPS likes to tell me major highways are weight restricted, and is convinced the I76 in PA has a 12' 10" clearance somewhere around Breezewood. It's on the shoulder, but my GPS is convinced otherwise. It's also had me go one exit past where I should, and come back, because it thinks I can't turn left.

    As to getting off, then back on, you're 100% right. It's much easier to stay on the road and go an extra 10 miles than follow the backroad and get back on. You'll save 10 miles, and lose 20 minutes.

    One thing to remember too, is Central's fuel routing is zip code to zip code. There's a point you have to stop following it, and follow your map or Central's macro 27 directions. If you don't, you'll often find yourself downtown of somewhere, and nowhere near your pickup or delivery.
  5. Big Rigg

    Big Rigg Medium Load Member

    Jun 14, 2011
    Corona, CA
    It was on Sunday so I sent a message to Safety and continued on. By the time I called them today on Monday someone had changed it already. Made it to stop in time so no big deal but no one ever told me log out. Saftey pointed out to me today that I haven't logged out of the truck since I got it (6 months now). On my home time it's parked outside of my house, but they said if someone steals it then my HOS will be messed up big time. So I guess if you are parked for more then 24 hrs and away from the truck you need to log out then log back in. Something new driver should be told.
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  6. celticwolf

    celticwolf Road Train Member

    Oct 10, 2010
    Kittrell, NC
    One other thing you need to consider here. If you go to line 1 on HT and the QC loses comms with the satellite you will find yourself on line 4 the entire time you are home.. Its a PITA to correct. Always log out whenever you are going to sit away from your tractor..
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  7. woodchuck66

    woodchuck66 Bobtail Member

    Sep 27, 2010
    When I was at Central I ignored routing many times and was never questioned about it. This time of year it could save your life, I'd drive an extra 100+ miles in a heartbeat to stay on an Interstate versus desolate and winding backroads at 4am with blowing snow. Way better for you and their rig to be safe, just calculate your fuel properly & don't worry about that too much either, if you need fuel you will get it even though the guy on the other end of the qualcomm or phone is being a jerk about it. Always do what you feel safe and comfortable with, you are the Captain of the ship.
  8. road runner 9630

    road runner 9630 Light Load Member

    Jan 9, 2010
    Just remember on fuel stops that if you just pick your own as a company driver they can charge you $15 for every stop they don't tell you. Trk fuel only. Refer doesn't count.
  9. leatherman

    leatherman Light Load Member

    Oct 31, 2010
    My dm has for one reason or another gave me a load that was going to turn into a split load with me dropping it some where the first time I didn't get any drop auth or new load info showing the drop address the next time I asked foe new load info because of the past experience he said I didn't need any update..both times I was later told I couldnot drop the load as was promised.. This came up again and I said I would only agree to the load if I first had the drop auth first he went off on me accused me of playing games amd to dp as I was told ..I later got a new lod I could do ..I think its time fior a new dm ..he likes to say I need to make it happen and I feel he wants me to fo into v violation or something the only time I am late is when they give me a load that over laps with the one I am on amd then I make sure I point that out to cover my @#$..any thoughts ??
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  10. Zogg

    Zogg Bobtail Member

    Apr 29, 2011
    Southern Nevada
    If you are given a load you can't make on time send in a QC message telling them and if they tell you to take the load, then take the load. Send in your mac 5 with your eta and don't worry about. If you DM tells you to drop a load, take your trailer to the drop yard and sit on it till you have your new trip info. Make all requests over the QC if you feel they are short sticking you. Just remember CYA, cover your assets.
  11. PlumFCrazy

    PlumFCrazy Bobtail Member

    Dec 13, 2011
    What is the trucks govern at here for L/O? And how many miles does teams get here? Is it a good place for husband/wife teams? Oh and what is the lease payments....and how old are the trucks?
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