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  1. Jpatt

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    Well guys im back with another thread, sorry for soo many but im new to this and everything is changing daily. I applied with Central Refrigerated and got accepted with no trouble at. She said my ticket would be here in a few days and I would be on my way. I live in PA, I would be going to SLC for training, Thats almost a 3 day greyhound trip. I cant imagine what that would be like but if it gets me on the right path then I would be willing to suffer through it. Only problem im having is, I had a physical test about a month ago for my current job and she said my blood pressure was a tad bit high, she thought it was from stress or being nervous. I took all the test and was approved by the company. I also had a DOT screening about 2 weeks ago and passed it. Im just cant imagine taking a greyhound all that way and having to turn around and come straight back because my BP was alittle bit too high. So i've been considering passing up Central Refrigerated and going with PRIME because if im not mistaking, they have training in PA and it would be easier on me to just go with them. Plus they pay more during training and they seem to be about equally liked and hated (Im new so if im wrong, I apologize). Im just curious to what you all think would be the best, and which company do you like better? I got a few days to make up my mind, thanks for all the help guys.
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    Oct 20, 2011
    you might want to check on that.i think prime only trains at springfield mo..about bp,might want to get it checked before you leave.you are allowed medication,just that your phy. will only be good for a year.
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    Yea I wasnt sure about the training so thanks for the info, and Yea I have had it checked out and the doc said he thought the only reason it was high was because I was nervous at the time. He said he didnt think I had high bp.
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    After doing more research on Prime, I have saw several places where these locations was listed as Training centers for Prime:

    Where are your schools located?

    Springfield, MO (main training center)
    Pittston, PA
    Salt Lake City, UT

    I have not got the chance to talk with a recruiter yet but im plan on doing so first thing tomorrow.
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    Jan 5, 2012

    I have been deciding between the same 2 companies. If you do not have a CDL, you need to go to SPRIMO for your traing with Prime. I am only 15 miles from the Pittston Terminal, and because I do not have a CDL, I am going to SPRIMO. Thats only a day and a half on the Greyhound!!
    Unless I'm mistaken, if you have a CDL, and only need refresher training, that can be done at another terminal.
  6. windsmith

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    Sep 2, 2011
    Get a plane ticket. Central will probably reimburse you what they would have paid for the bus ticket, and I'll bet it's almost the same price as a plane ticket to SLC.
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