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    Oct 16, 2017
    Looking for gear to outfit a trailer. Found a guy that has 10 - 3/8x20 chains and binders, 3 piece lumber tarp with 6' drops, and a pile of 4" straps, coil racks, dunnage, edge protectors, tarp straps, etc. Asking $1500. I think it's a little high, as I looked up new price and it was around $2k. I'm thinking in the $900 range. What is a used outfit worth these days?
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    If the chains are g70 and still got some gold anodizing, the binders are 5400# ratchet or better and the tarps are in good shape then 13 to 1500 is close.
    900 is good if the chains have the anodizing worn/weathered off, the binders are lever type and the tarps need minor repairs. The 4" straps are worth 5 to 7 bucks in good shape (new are 10 to 15 in bulk). The corners, tarp straps,coil bunks and other assorted stuff can be about 100 to 150 used depending in amounts.
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    Just remember when making an offer its tough to lower it, easy to raise it. But would really have to see it before going him a firm price. Could be great deal, or could be not worth going after.
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