Cheney Bros. Inc. Watch out!

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    I while back I applied at cheney brothers Inc. Finally, after 2 interviews and a road test I was told to come in so they could make me an offer. I came in, talked to the Dir of Transportation one last time and was directed up to the HR office to fill out my new hire paper work. During this process the lady assisting me stepped out and after a while the Dir of Transportation came back and asked me to follow him. So I did and then I realized he was leading me to the front door. I questioned him about what was going on and he said that one of my previous jobs did not have work dates for me because I was an independent contractor(have you this was not even a trucking related job). I told him that I was given a paycheck every week and I have kept every pay stub. I asked him if I provided those to him if I would have the job and after some thought he said, yes. Again I confirmed it by saying I was signing a lease on an apartment that day and was to be moving 60 miles from where I currently lived for the express purpose of accepting this job. He assured me again that I had the job if I furnished him with the pay stubs and I got them to him later that day. So I waited a few days and then started calling to check on the status. Finally a week after getting them to him I got a hold of him and asked why my calls where not returned. His only answer was he has other things to do and was busy. Then he informed me I was not chosen for the position. I reminded him he told me I had the job and I had already moved and he could have cared less. I even wrote the main office and spoke directly with the Dir of HR and All they came back with was that I did not meet the post offer criteria for employment. They weren't specific as to what that was. So I was stuck in an apt lease 60 miles from my current job and thank God my current employer really liked me and worked with me to let me continue to work there until I could find something closer.

    The quick and short of this is make sure you have your job offer in writing and that it's a for sure, for sure thing. Be aware Since this I have talked to probably six-seven other guys that said the same thing happened to them with this same company. CBI in Ocala, FL
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    Oct 22, 2010

    Floriduh !!!!!

    Coulda gone round the corner to closetmaid, or the beer distributor...........

    But Good Luck !!!!!
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    Tough break...I guess you could have waited until you had a "firm" hire date and then quit and moved. Your pain is a good lesson for all who read this. Better to commute for two months than to be stuck with an apartment that you don't require. Fortunately you didn't burn the bridge with your current employer and obviously you were a good enough worker/employee that they took you back.

    Just one of life's little lessons.
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    Sounds like a candidate for the Rollover BFI award!
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    hey what did they say the money was like at cheney brothers
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