Chick fil-a owner rewards her employees for their hard work in grand fashion.

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    ROBINSON, Pa. (KDKA) – Employees at the Chick-fil-A in Robinson got some big Christmas gifts from their boss this year, like a month’s worth of rent, $1,000 in cash and even a car.

    Owner Aimee Hernandez said she’s been going all out with her holiday parties since she bought the store in 2016. Up until now, she’s always done a white elephant-style party, but she said it sometimes left people with gifts they didn’t want — like a beard trimmer for a single high school girl.

    This year, because of the pandemic and staffing shortages, Hernandez said she wanted the party to be “HUGE.” Employees got tickets based on the number of shifts they worked, then they could bid on prizes like a week’s worth of salary, a big screen TV, $1,500 in Apple gift cards, a Nintendo Switch, six Steelers tickets, a Louis Vuitton purse and the big prize: a RAV4.

    “I scrimped and saved every extra penny all year in secret, it was so hard to keep it a surprise!” she said in an email to KDKA.

    In a video posted to Twitter, the lucky winner of the car covers his face with his hands in disbelief after the announcement. The car is even wrapped up with a red bow.

    “The winner of the car was legitimately the most deserving employee to win it. He is an incredibly hard worker, always smiling and positive, and has the kindest heart. He has a little girl, and really needed a reliable vehicle,” Hernandez said.

    Fifty-eight people were at the party, and those who didn’t win got a $25 Giant Eagle gift card.

    Hernandez said her team deserved a day — at the very least — to be celebrated.

    “They are an amazing unit, and support each other in ways that make my heart so happy,” she said.

    Hernandez also mentioned she’s hiring. Those interested can apply online.

    Robinson Chick-Fil-A Owner Gives Employees Big Gifts At Christmas Party
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    An owner with a heart of gold-very rare nowadays!
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    We got a Nuskes Ham for Thanksgiving , i thought that was nice.
    What you get?
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