Class Action Law Suit in the works!!!!

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    We have more than a dozen former as well as current drivers and several former administrative employee's right now, a mix of company folk and owner operators that have had Werner Enterprises, it's employees, and management cause them unfair hardships recently, drivers that have legitimate civil, criminal, & illegal practices well documented with solid evidence of intentional wrongdoing against Werner Enterprises and persons that represent them, as employee's, supervisors, and management, or seperate LLC and the like that are part of their business practices, as well as proof and registered affidavits of testimony providing facts showing consistent knowledge of company supervisors and numerous employee's directing drivers and personel to committ numerous DOT violations and constant illegal human rights practices while said individuals who were driving or acting in good faith to the company under the company direction while Werner was under contract to haul customers freight on state and federal highways across all parts of this great nation.
    Any drivers with knowledge of, or have experienced first hand of such violations should stay tuned to this page, we have a great law firm looking very hard at this, this project has been in the works for over 3 years, there have been to many driver's careers derailed by werner's illegal practices that fly in the face of the DOT regulations and the good intentions of hard working drivers trying to make an honest living, Werner is guilty of false DAC reporting of driving violations, accidents, HOS violations, manipulation of drug testing results, altering employee records, accusations affecting retirement funds, constant abuse with training rules issues and policy infractions, knowingly directing drivers to continue down highways among innocent civilians and other professional drivers while operating with unsafe and illegal equipment, swapping out parts on their fleet sales trucks that somehow have less miles when you buy one than the truck did when it was turned in, not to mention different parts from other equipment....this is the tip of the iceberg as there is more juicy evidence against werner by these current and former members of their workforce!
    This is the most information the attorney will allow us to share for now..
    WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW IS???? Are there more of you??????????
    Werner has ruined live's and cost hard working well intentioned individuals hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost wages, legal fees, stress and hardship for to long now.
    Werner must be held accountable for these unfair and illegal practices that must be driven by ego and corporate greed, these cold and calculated practices must be stopped as they are affecting our brothers, our sisters, and our friends, you might be next.
    We have another meeting with these attorneys in mid April, check back on April 15th for an update and possible request along with instructions of how you might want to join our cause.
    We are called 'Outlaw Trucker's Of America', our mission is to lookout and make sure all carriers and their owners, employee's, stock holders, and board of directors abide by the law and rules that should protect the hard working good folk that are our own fellow truckers, as well as the good intentioned fleet managers, and dispatchers that should be teaming in good faith to successfully continue delivering goods and services accross the United States Of America!
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  2. If this is for real, I'll be interested in talking to the law firm. Several of the issues brought up in this post pertain to me in a very close to home, major way. I have no doubt that there will be MANY drivers and former drivers able to step forward. Keep us updated on anything that may come of this please!
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    What is the name of the law firm? People should be contacting this firm directly as this forum is not really the way for people to get involved.

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    So why stop with WERNER? You just described pretty much all the major trucking firms. I have always wondered, that if trucking companies are hurting for drivers so bad why has the pay scale remained the same? When one compares them they are all the same. One would think that the pay would be getting higher and higher as companies tried to get drivers. That is how it works with supply and demand, and when you have a shortage. It would be interesting to see what role the ATA has played in this.

    Good luck to you, at least it is a start. I have long questioned when a legal firm would start looking into all the illegal activities trucking companies have been doing to company drivers and O/O over the years.
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    evidently reality is "inflammatory." do you even know what a class action lawsuit is? OK, now back to your regularly scheduled program of childish and pointless Werner bashing.
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    No, reality is not inflammatory.

    However, what's unacceptable is the fact that you insulted him. I don't care if you have a problem with that or not. We are not going to tolerate those sort of responses here.
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    HE'S insulting Werner with his immature nonsense and unfounded accusations. he never actually says specifically what they're doing that's illegal. he just talks about unfair this and illegal that. but I'm sure the execs at Werner are really shaking in their wingtips. you may want to be more concerned about allowing slander to be posted on your board rather than someone's pointing out how ridiculous it is.
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    Most accusations about Werner are true.

    Or maybe you are right and the hundreds of others are all wrong.
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    Read the FORUM RULES: it states that the FORUM, FORUM OWNER and the MODS AREN'T responsible for what gets posted, that the person posting is the only one responsible for what they post. Sorry, but that is a FACT of Law. Forums have been held HARMLESS (in a Court of Law) for what people post. Any Legal Action (or THREAT OF) can be considered a S.L.A.P.P. and not only is against the law in most states, but could be subject to severe civil penalties.
    But don't take MY word for it; GOOGLE it.
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    I agree with you chief. The moderators of this board seem to reign in those who try to point out the good about companies or come against some of their favorite complainers. I think the actual intent of this forum is NOT for helping people find out about truck driving jobs/companies or how to do their job better it is just for gripes and complaints. When someone tries to tell the positive side they can be insulted or whatever and the moderators let it slide but go the other way and watch out. Facts are not important here, just rants.
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