Clinton’s Ditch in Cicero, NY

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    Feb 6, 2012
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    I spent the first 15+ years of my driving career delivering milk for a local dairy and foodservice for US Foods. When I hit 40 years old, I decided that was enough wear and tear on my body and was looking for something that wouldn’t wreck my knees and back. Found this place and am pretty happy after almost 2 years. This bottling plant is a Pepsi co op, meaning it’s 20% owned by pepsi and the rest is equally owned among 4-5 independent Pepsi distributors. We bottle and deliver pepsi, but also other beverages, and also work as a common carrier, picking up backhauls and delivering those as well. We run single trailers north and south but also run tandems east and west on the NYS thruway.

    No touch freight, assigned equipment, home nightly, M-F work, every weekend off. 8 paid holidays off(Christmas Eve and Black Friday included). Start times typically 2-5am. Single trailer rate is .50/mile and $23 per load. Tandem rate is $.54/mi and $29 per load. A lot of drop and hooks as our company leaves drop trailers to be preloaded anywhere that will let us. Other than that it’s live loads/unloads. $25/hr breakdown and delay pay(delay pay starts after one hour waiting to load anywhere). Health benefits are really good and inexpensive. Lots of hours in the summer(55-65 per week), not a ton in the winter(40-50), spring and fall are in between. Made $79k my first year. On track for 80-85k this year. And the best part is we bid runs daily. So every day I get a call with choice of runs based on seniority. Lowest guy gets hit the worst sometimes, but after a year or two you’ll get 3-4 or more choices a day and it’s not that bad at all. Most of the time low guy isn’t bad either, nothing we do is that rough.

    Lowest week I ever grossed just under $1200 during a cold, snowy winter week. Highest check was right around $2k. Typically $1400-1600 a week gross pay. Never really run this kind of job so not sure how it compares to other jobs in its range but it fits my needs schedule-wise….
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    Doesn’t sound like a bad gig, and if you’re happy, that’s all that matters.
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