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  1. chilibowl

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    Jun 28, 2013
    El Paso Texas
    I’m going to cut and paste my review from google maps. This place is the worst I ever loaded at in years.

    I arrived for my 11 AM appointment and three and a half hours I’m outta here. The bills said my freight weighed 40000 lbs. so I headed towards Salt Lake City stopping to scale in Longmont. I was 1100 pounds over gross. It’s 7 PM and they just barely started to reload me. So much for my 5AM appointment in Salt Lake City.which means my reload which was my high paying load will go to another driver. Thousands of dollars down the drain. Thanks a lot Colorado Premium
    Edit Review: after 3 hours of being reloaded I went to scale again. This time I was 1260 lbs over gross.
    At this point I’m writing this in the hopes that somebody high up in the company might one day decide to look at these reviews and then he might see that his management team is not doing their job. Everybody involved in this load today from the lowest man on the totem pole to the guy selling me the scale tickets. Everybody made a paycheck today. Except me. I haven’t made a dime. And do you think the broker TQL gives a rats ### about me and my time. We won’t see a plug nickel from them. But they will be asking in the morning why is that load still on the dock? I have been at this for 12 hours without a personal break. They can keep their freight. I will never come back to this mis-managed #### hole again.
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    Nov 19, 2018
    Horror stories like this one are precisely why I remain a tanker yanker.

    Come to the tank side. We have cookies.
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    Sep 2, 2013
    Yeah and cake on Fridays !
    Paid to eat that cake also!
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    Jan 30, 2012
    TQL, explains it all.
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