Common Jobs After trucking?

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    Mar 1, 2015
    I think the majority (60%) or more are drivers because they have no other alternatives. Maybe due to homelessness, maybe due to bad work history, maybe personality... quirks. The rest could really go anywhere they have the time and energy to learn the skills for. I've been investing my earnings into a trailer park. I've seen 22% profit on initial investment by the second year on the trailer homes. Not as profitable as I'd hoped. The lot fee I charge for people to place the homes they already own however has been very lucrative. 450 a month, plus a 900$ instalation fee. They usually stay about 8 months. I pay about 2000 a month for upkeep on the grounds, a bit less on maintaining the homes I own (which the tenants are rent to owning). All in all I am earning about 10 times more with my money like this than my T Rowe 401k is. Also add in the 1400$ a month I pay the live in landlady, and the free home/utilities. It's worked well though, insurance rates are low, land is cheap, and people want cheap homes. If you are patient and willing to sit on your money I am sure there are numerous ways to put your earnings to work for you. I've tossed around the idea of a gated & guarded parking area near Dallas, I bet if I could get it started, keep it clean and level, it would see profit by year 3 or so, the only daunting factor is startup cost.
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    Call to order-
    Truck driver stripper.
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    Only problem with that is I would have to pay them to watch me strip
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    May 2, 2013
    Interesting, I've considered investing in trailer parks in the past. I currently have 7 rental properties, my GROSS margin (projected received rent vs. business loan that includes taxes) is roughly 50%. However, that margin is eroded quickly by repairs, general upkeep, and upgrades to the properties. Not to mention the occasional lack of payments from the tenants (mine are pretty good now because I run background checks on them, that also eats away at the profits) and, of course, the government gets their cut at the end of the year.

    A major positive us the equity I'm building, the flip side is that I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the additional profits when the loan is paid off in 8 years. Good problem to have I suppose, but it's frustrating to see the Tax Man get so much of what I've worked to achieve.
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    I was wanting to do the same thing as @Salad, but not sure about a trailer court. Was thinking more along the lines of houses. That could just be because I maintained a trailer court (76 trailers) for roughly 8 years when I was younger. Everything from lawn, seal roofs, fix furnaces, ect. I think the worst time was going under every trailer every fall to check that the pipe wrap was working. Then again there was the time the water main busted under the trailer and I had to dig 6 foot down from dead center under the trailer in the middle of winter. Oh, speaking of dead, there was the time I did a service check on a trailer because we hadn't heard from the owner for awhile. Much to my surprise, I could smell it before I even opened the door, but like the curious idiot that I am, I opened the door anyways. There she laid bloated to the point of bursting and as purple as barnie, maggots from wall to wall and up the walls. She had been dead for 2 weeks and it had been 80-95 degrees out, no A/C and no windows open. Yeah, that stuck in my mind for a couple years...

    I actually wish I would have spent the money I invested in a trucking company on 2 or 3 houses instead...
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    Buy 2 condo's in the Philippines on the beach. Live in one and rent the other. Goof off on the beach during the day drinking those little drinks with the umbrella and at night hit the girly bars.
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    May 2, 2013
    I think I want that "job". :)
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    Problem is as an expat you can't actually own real property. You either have to put the ownership in your wife's name (girly bar nights unlikely) or you use a lawyer as a front.
    And as for the typical Philippine beach...about as filthy as the typical Laredo truck stop.
    Otherwise great idea.
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