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    Absolutely would have done it differently. I took a chance on the truck and it cost me a lot of time and money. Doing it over I should have waited another 3-6 months for that right truck to come along. I was a bit impatient to get out of a company truck and into something I could call my own so I went with what I thought would work.
    I'm currently negotiating with a dealer on a trade in for something much nicer, but I'm definitely taking a huge loss on it. But this time I'm making sure I know exactly what I'm buying.
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    Yes. A little less money (maybe) but far less headaches. I thought about going the IC route when I was at Superior. Talked to a lot of drivers that had their own truck. They said it's basically a wash by the time you pay all your expenses, health insurance, etc. Most told me it was better to stay a company driver.

    Another thing too is once you get at least 3 years tank experience you can find a higher paying company driver job. It took me a little bit but I found the unicorn I was looking for. Those 80k+ a year jobs do exist without the hassle of owning your own truck. It is nice letting someone else worry about paying for truck repair and maintenance. Just my 2 cents.
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