Company drivers BEWARE of Metropolitian Trucking

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    Mar 20, 2009
    Monroe, Michigan
    BEWARE of Metropolitian Trucking, Bloomsburg PA. If you are going on with them do not quit until you are home and have emptied out your truck of ALL of your belongings, they say they will box them up and return them all to you via UPS, but yet in orientation they informed us they had a room full of drivers stuff in the shop and about every three months if you do not show up to claim them (what's left) they will be given to the company personel. Which brings me to my story, been driving for 33years, just recently lost my own truck due to economic times in the Auto Industry, so decided to take on a company job with Metropolitian Trucking, BIG, BIG MISTAKE. On my second load they had me sitting in Newark NJ. with no load out, I called my wife who was very sick, so I told my (Driver Manager?) to get me out of there and send me towards home and I would empty out the truck and return it to ther Ill. office. Didn't here from them for several hours so I put it in the wind with my empty trailer, well I made it to the 120 mile marker in PA before three State Troopers pulled me over and had me take the truck to the Sapp Bros truck stop where they were informed to have me park the truck with all my stuff in it and lock it up and find my own way home, this was about four PM on Thursday the 12th of this month. With 40.00 in my wallet and a bank card Thank God, the troopers were nice enough to let me get what I thought was all of my stuff out of the truck and actually gave me a ride with it all over to the motel, but if it were up to the company they would of had me leave it all in the truck and lock it up on the spot, remember this because it is very important, in my hast to vacate the truck, and now with the troopers gone and the keys locked up in the truck, I called my sister back in Michigan to come and pick me up, which she did. But after I got home I realized I left my digital camera and about 20 DVD movies in the upper portion of the cab. When I contacted Metropolitian about the items and reminded them that in orientation we were told if anything was left in the truck that it would be returned to us UPS I assumed this would happen........NOT The company denied the items were in the truck when they picked it up that night and I was told to make sure I got all of my items out of the truck, kind of contridicts what I told you earlier isn't it? Now they are threating ME with abandonment of the truck they had me park and termination by them on my DAC. Nice HUH Sound like a company you want to work for?
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    ^^^ Man sorry that happened to you. G/L getting out of that. I know i had some rough times at a Trucking Company and i told myself when i was flaming pisted off to calm down and wait for the right time to turn in my 2 weeks notice not just take the matter like that lol. Sucks they had the cops put a PB on your truck, WOW!
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    May 6, 2008
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    How long did you sit before you decided to bail outta NJ and what did you say to them in order to get 3 troopers sic'd on you? :laughing5:

    I obviously don't know all the circumstances but I don't see any proof of wrong doing on this company's part. You didn't leave the truck in their yard where one of the managers or security could keep an eye on it. You left it at a truck stop where a driver had to pick it up and likely stole your stuff. It's then a company driver's word versus a a driver who quit on the 2nd load. Do you honestly think any company, good or bad, wouldn't give you an abandonment after you took off on your own on the 2nd load?
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    Dude, you in effect stole their truck!! What did you expect? You're lucky you weren't arrested and charged! And yet, you have the gall to come on here cryin' the blues after a stupid stunt like that. Man, another prime example of what sits behind the wheel of some of these trucks out there.
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    Oct 6, 2008
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    How dare you accuse the driver of doing wrong, and defend one of these corporate Quallcom controlled blob companies! You probably are an office person at Metropolitan, or a brown nosed driver.

    No companies I have ever worked for, even the rotten ones, have treated me like this during a family emergency. No one should have to wait on a Quallcom in a situation like this, especially being as close to a terminal as he was.

    I hope the next next driver they treat this way leaves them a gift, like a pound of sand in the crankcase and 20 pounds of sugar in the fuel tanks!
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    Aug 8, 2008
    So the company informs the drivers IN ORIENTATION the procedures to quit ?

    "When you quit, which won't be long...." WOW what a bunch of dirt bags !
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    Mar 7, 2008

    :biggrin_25523: Just doesnt sound quite right does it?? :biggrin_2554:
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    Mar 23, 2009
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    I've done hvac work here and got to know a lot of guys there. I also know quite a few drivers from comin and going. This thread isn't a accurate assesment of this company. Quite a suprise to me that their name came up.

    I will say I know nothing about how they really treat their drivers, but I know I haven't heard legitimately bad stories about them. Only the same stories from the same guys complaining as they always do.

    Sorry this had to be my first post, but knowing this company and my states law, if you got pulled over like that it's because you did something illegal. You should be #### glad your not sitting at the Iron Street In right now.
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    Mar 12, 2005
    Thats common with that company and NFI...I got put out of an NFI truck once for refusing to get up and go get a load and I was way beyond my 70 hr rule, at least by 6 hrs. Vince Lombardi rest area on th NJ turnpike. They NJ troopers put me out right there but I got my stuff out. The trooper told me it wasn't the first time that he did to and pointed at a Metropolitan truck and said I put a driver out of one of those last month...that was back in 2001.

    You should read some of that guys other post in here. He is a trucking company office worker in here to start trouble. It's common knowlege you can't drive for any large company out of NJ since Jevic folded among drivers because they do this stuff all the time.

    you don't even drive dude, do we come to HVAC boards and put our two cents in? Metroplitan is a bad place and I have had stories about them for years. I see those broken down trailer and white freightliner filthy and falling apart on the road daily. They are very picky on who they hire even before this recession but thats mostly an insurance thing.
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    Nov 5, 2008
    when you take off in that truck without their consent that is basically far as your stuff do you really believe that driver turned it in?what they did was wrong but so was what you did.
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