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  1. Terrible Driver

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    Dec 1, 2012
    I've been putting some thought into applying for a 'Line Haul Driver' position with Reddaway at the Stockton, CA terminal. I was wondering if anyone works out of there and might be able to tell me a little bit about the work environment. Like what areas do you guys frequent are they from terminal to terminal or meet another driver or bumping docks at warehouses? Are allot of loads going to Nevada and Oregon or is it all mostly California?

    Most of what I read here seems to be cool. I don't mind driving at night since I drive nights currently anyway for another company in Stockton. And I'm guessing the pay will be better than $400-$450 a week so that's okay. But the connecting and disconnecting doubles and triples seems daunting, I've only pulled and connected the doubles with the round-top dolly so I figure there's a difference with the 5th wheel kind. Then the chaining up part, I've never slapped on irons and wouldn't mind doing it if the company even teaches this. lol

    Some insight would be greatly appreciated
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    Feb 9, 2012
    Wapwallopen, Pa
    A friend of mine worked out of the Reno terminal for 9 years and loved it until he bought his own truck a year ago.
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