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    Oct 6, 2006
    If anyone is looking to go to Continental truck driving school in Dallas, Tx I spoke with the recruiter the other day and it seems to be a good school.

    There web-site says that they offer part-time driving course Monday thru Friday as well as full-time course and that they offer financial assistance, well the recruiter said they no longer offer financial assistance and do not offer part-time courses. They only offer assistance thru the G.I. Bill.

    The full-time course is offered every Monday and is 4 to 5 weeks long and the total cost will be $5,500 as of May/2022 and they offer a truck simulator before students actually start in the real thing.

    Hope this helps if anyone is wanting to attend there school. For specific questions I would call the recruiter at the school as there web-site is outdated.

    Almost forgot to mention that if you have your CDL Permit the cost will be the same and the length in training will not change, they claim if you take there full course it looks better to the hiring companies, lol!
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